CABSA AGM 2016 - Celebrating 15 Years of Grace. 14/4/2016

What a wonderful opportunity to meet old friends and share memories! This is a quick glimpse at the event. A more comprehensive photoalbum is available on our Facebook page

This morning CABSA's AGM was held at the Dutch Reformed Church, Wellington North. More than just an AGM, it was also an opportunity to celebrate CABSA's 15th birthday! Lyn planned a quick overview of some of the highlights of the past 15 years. Once she realized the extent of the memories, she realized that it would be “not-so-quick”! And this was before the other voices were added.  The really exciting part of this "flight through history" was that so many long-time friends of CABSA could share their stories. You can share in this walk in memory lane here. (Please be patient - it takes a few minutes to load.)

We were also privileged to have both CABSA's previous directors, Logy Murray and Nelis du Toit, at the event, as well as two previous chairpersons, Dr Adrie Killian and Dr Xolile Simon.

Special gifts were handed over to the staff who has been part of the dream for many years - Meloney Goliath (10 years), Aneleh Fourie-Le Roux (11 years) and Lyn van Rooyen (12 years). It is clear from this photo that it is Thursday, as we are all in black in solidarity with the Thursdays in Black campaign.

It was very exciting to see the newly developed website! Lyn highligted a few features of the new website and announced a very exciting competition. You can read about this here.

Logy gave feedback on the process of changing the constitution. Although there will still be some refining, the following suggestion was put to the meeting:


CABSA catalyses the competence of the Church to bring transformation in the areas of health, well-being and gender equality in a world affected by HIV.


Caring and competent Christian communities that embody transformation and hope in a HIV affected world, in need of health, wellbeing and equality.

CABSA Ethos Statement

  • We are a dynamic and adaptive organisation.
  • Our work is evidence-based and faith-inspired.
  • Our actions are guided by our vision, values and identity.
  • We are passionate and committed in what we do.
  • We endure whatever the circumstances.
  • We harness lasting relationships for collective impact.

The meeting supported the generall princple and again supported the principle of an electronic general meeting to approve changes in the constitution.

 In addition to guests sharing may stories and memories they also shared their wishes for CABSA on a message wall and ended the meeting by praying for the future of the organisation.



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