CABSA was @ “Movement for Change” Faith Leaders Training. 27-29/6/2017

We Will Speak Out SA with the support of Amplify Change in partnership with Sonke Gender Justice opened a safe and powerful space for gender activists, survivors and church leaders to come together and grapple with questions related to the church’s responsibility in the light of the increasingly common and cruel sexual Gender Based Violence, both amongst churches and in wider society.

From the 27 to 29 June 2017, a ‘Movement for Change Faith Leaders training on sexual and gender based violence’ with faith leaders from Gauteng, supported by Amplify Change, Tear Fund and the We Will Speak Out Coalition.

Throughout the week, participants and facilitators engaged in group discussions and thematic sessions on the socio-cultural construction of gender in relation to emotions, sexuality, media, and the LGBTIQA perspective.

In particular they discussed deeper gender sensitive bible studies which were held through interactive reflections on biblical passages and their socio-cultural contexts. The training concluded with the joint development of action plans by participants to be implemented in their faith communities in the following months.

Through discussions as a participant I discovered that there is so much pain and injustice that hasn’t been dealt with, survivors shared how it was their first opportunity to actually share their painful experiences because the training environment was a safe space.

There is a serious need for safer spaces in our churches and faith communities. Churches need to be a place where women, children and survivors of Sexual and Gender Based Violence can be a part of a strong supportive community where family lives and peoples futures are important.


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