CABSA was @ Gauteng Provincial Treasury. 17/8/2017

Gauteng Province Treasury has a number of sessions focused on Women and Children and Gender Based Violence which are organised every two weeks especially now because of Women’s month. Thursdays in Black was invited to be part of the programme. There was an attendance of 60 people.

These sessions involve staff and any other invited visitors from other government departments. The sessions are meant to be a safe space where women can share their stories, here they can be motivated and also be informed about services  available to women who are experiencing abuse.

Men are also actively taking  part of these in these sessions. Most of them are against women and children abuse. Men mentioned that much more proactive stance should  to be applied in standing  Violence Against Women & Children and that begins  with structured preventative programmes   that includes men as they are found to be the majority perpetrators of Gender Based Violence.

Although most women who were present were still sceptical about sharing their stories they still stayed in the room to listen to speaker after speaker until the end of the session.

There is a big need for safe spaces for women because a lot of women have been through a lot of pain and there is still more who are going through that similar pain.

It was to see most men and women fully taking part in the campaign by visibly wearing black with their badges.

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