CABSA was @ HIV Youth Workshop in Soweto. 29/11/2017

On the 29 November 2017,  Lerato and Nonceba held a workshop for young people between the ages of 16 to 20 years of age. All of the invited youth attended and that indicated interest on their side. Most of these young people reside in Moroka North, Soweto.

Nonceba was the facilitator for the day.

The facilitator focused on:

  • Changing attitudes towards HIV and people living with HIV
  • Information on HIV
  • Importance of HIV Testing and VCT

The group had a lot of discussions on these topics and the big issue that was highlighted was Stigma,  Fears of HIV Testing and Bad Treatment from health centres. We also discussed different approaches on encouraging young people to go and visit health centres to familiarize themselves with the process before making a decision to test.

This group are very much interested in continuing to meet and learn more about HIV and Leadership skills. We also looked at the prospect of starting a Peer Educator group that could visit schools especially primary schools and give support to children infected and affected by HIV.

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