CABSA was @ Hope Restoration Church. 9/9/2017

Nonceba attended an HIV and Wellness Awareness Campaign organised by the young adults of Hope Restoration Church in Evaton. She writes:

The church is  situated in the middle of informal settlement. The clinic and the church decided to partner and bring services to the community where individuals could be tested for HIV, Diabetes and High Blood Pressure. There were different health related presentations which were conducted in the church hall.

I presented on:

  • Basic information on HIV
  • Stigma
  • Importance of knowing you’re your status
  • How to start support groups within the church

A group of young adults are planning to start support groups for young people who are affected by HIV. The youth especially expressed the importance of continued HIV and general health programs because most of the people who are ill find it difficult to go to the health centre, the program will be fully supported by the church.

The elderly people also appreciated the presentations on HIV and asked a lot of questions. One of the grannies is living with a grandchild who is living with HIV and has been struggling to support her on taking medication and encouraging her to live a positive life. “How do I encourage and help my daughter to stop drinking excessive alcohol and drink her medication?” This is one of the questions from the elderly who is stressed about her young daughter no taking care of herself.

It was a full day program which saw about 100 people from the church and the community attending the event.

It was a well organized event and fully attended by all those who were involved. It was also impressive to see the church leaders available throughout the day.

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