CABSA was @ Khanya Africa Development Service's Women Seminar. 26/8/2017

Last Saturday Nonceba attended a women's seminar which was organised by Khanya Africa Development Services. The event was attended by various stakeholders including some of the organisations board members who also presented sessions. Over 55 fifty five people attended the seminar.

"I did a presentation on HIV/AIDS but addressing Stigma within the community and the church.

After the presentation there were a lot of participants who wanted to share their experiences but also to find solutions to their challenges which was very emotionally draining for the presenter.

I had a conversation with a grandmother who has 3 daughters who are living with HIV and may not have had proper support and counselling because they have found a solution in drinking and neglecting their children, now she has to care for 5 grand children.

This seminar made me realise that there is still a serious need to focus deeply on HIV especially concerning stigma, positive living and more HIV training.

Our communities still need more information on HIV and how to have a strong to move on and how to support their families who are living with HIV and affected by HIV."


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