CABSA/CHABAHIVA Peer Educators Programme 2016

The bannerIn 2016 CABSA partnered with the CHABAHIVA Trust to initiate a peer educators programme on farms in the Wellington area. Much about this programme was new for CABSA – it provided an opportunity to launch a peer educator training; it provided a first initiative for a collaboration between farmers; employees, faith communities and other government and non-government organisations; it provided an opportunity for a deeper collaboration and longer involvement with trained peer educators; and it provided an opportunity for a wonderful health day.

CABSA started their communication with farmers in the Wellington area about training some of their staff as Peer Educators. Seven farms agreed to it and a total of 20 people went through the Peer Educators training. After an intense training that took 1 one day per week for 5 weeks, the Peer educators was finally ready and excited to go back to the farms and implement what they have learned.

One of the first projects the group have decided on was to have a Family health day. This took even further commitment from them, as they had to meet every second week to do some planning and report back. 

Organisers and peereducators relaxing At the event Children smiling Testing in progress

On the day, there was activities for everyone. The children were entertained with games, face painting, drawings and for the younger ones there was a colour-in competition. A jumping castle was also available for the kids 

There was a dance-off competition for all ages and a domino competition for the young at heart.

The school choir also performed, something that was enjoyed by all present. This was so successful that we hope to give them more time at future events,

Rene Van Der Bank spoke to some of the local businesses and they were kind enough to sponsor items that could be used on the day as prices for the various competitions and as little luxury packs for the children.

The Family Health day was a huge success, with around 350 adults and children attending the day, many receiving health checks and information and 120 people that were tested for HIV.

Colourful picture of people waiting Disabled man at helath day Happy people Kids on jumping castle

Photo's by Rev Nelis du Toit and Rev Clive Swartz

 Yopu can download the full project report for 2016.

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