CCOH Facilitators Training Kenya April 2016

CCoH Facilitator Training Prepares Cohort of Church Leaders in Kenya

   "I am excited. My ministry will never be the same again.”  “When my church community gets trained they will respond better  to issues.”   “This training will help my ministry practically as I serve street children, single parents, alcoholics and the poor.”  “This training will have profound impact.”       

These are just a few comments made by participants as they completed a seven day intensive Facilitator Training sponsored by Churches for Grace at Moffat Bible College in Kijabe, Kenya from 17 to 23 April 2016. Churches for Grace collaborated with CABSA to use their well-honed curriculum designed to train people to be Channels of Hope. After 7 days of presentations, discussions, activities, assessments, late night study hours and lots of fun-filled interaction, the 24 participants from 4 regions in Kenya and even one from Uganda were still animated in discussing how they planned to use this training in their home communities. We shared a moment of solemn reflection during a special closing ceremony to remember the bitter tears evoked by the harsh realities of HIV balanced by the sweetness of God’s love, compassion and grace while lighting candles of hope that we are all prepared to take back to our respective communities.

In this inaugural Churches for Grace (CfG) training in Kenya a team of 4 CfG facilitators led by CABSAs Kenya representative, Kiarie Mwenda, and another experienced trainer, Minenhle Moyo, from South Africa took the cohort of pastors, church and community leaders through the Churches Channels of Hope curriculum. As a result of this training, participants from the northern desert region of Turkana; from the Mt. Elgon region in Western Kenya; from Meru, just north of Mt. Kenya; from a western Uganda border town; and from a number of communities in central Kenya will be taking their new training back to their families, churches, work places and communities. Churches for Grace now plans to mentor them as they look for ways to begin training other church leaders in their communities. As this curriculum is rolled out through an expanding network of “churches of grace”, we hope to see an increasing number of communities being transformed by the practical application of HIV awareness information, core competencies, and scriptural guiding principles. Faith leaders will be empowered to see their role in providing appropriate assistance, safe and more grace-filled spaces for people in their communities whose lives have been affected heavily by the HI virus and its effects. As more bodies of believers are empowered to extend grace and hope to overcome the sting of HIV in our communities, we expect to see evidence of radical change as the light of hope dispels the darkness and restores life.

Transformation has already begun in the hearts and minds of the 24 participants of this training. Hear some of their statements:

“This training has opened my mind because I have been stigmatizing other people.”
“It has changed my mind, encouraged and empowered me to improve in some areas of my life and in the church that I am serving.”
“It was so impactful. I am well trained and well equipped for works of service.”
“I was sharpened in my skills on how to handle, teach, counsel and interact with other organizations through the church and in the community to pass on God’s love through HIV ministry.”

Thanks to all who have been praying and contributing to make this training happen. We in Churches for Grace are excited, poised for action and waiting expectantly to see what God will do next through all of us.

Hope Carter for the CfG team 

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