CCoH Facilitators Training 2, Western Cape 27-30 June 2017


The Western Cape facilitators training was unique in its kind, as it was done in two parts and a month apart. We are once again grateful for Helderberg DRC in Somerset-West that hosted the second part of the training also.

We had three women from Netherlands that are currently in South Africa busy with research that also enrolled for the training. One of them could not complete the training as she had to go back home for personal reasons. CABSA hosted two of them as interns while they are busy with their research looking at, the connection between Health Care Profession and Religion. One of the research focus is; The Role of the faith leader in medication adherence of children living with HIV.  

The training concluded with a renewed sense of commitment from every one that was there.  CABSA want to wish our new Facilitators well as they start a new journey as a channel of hope. A special word of thanks to Kundai who have shared his experience of the training. This article can be found below.

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