CCoH Facilitators Training, Mazenod, August 2016

CCOH August Training

Our training at Mazenod was a great adventure this time around. The faith leaders that was there was of a younger age group and therefore there was great energy throughout the training.

One of the training team members made the observation; “We assume people know about this pandemic but every time we do training we realise that no matter how exposed people are there is still a great sense of unawareness in our communities. People need to read more as we all are affected…it’s about us”

These are some of the responses that came from the participants

  • “The training made me realise that I am truly called of God to be a channel of hope. I am ready!”

  • “Now I know how to speak to my sister who is HIV positive, I am no longer afraid.”

  • It was for me more than a training. It was a Life-transforming encounter with the Lord. It was so personal and profound, it made me aware of my own brokenness, that I am as vulnerable as anybody else, therefore there’s no such thing as US and THEM. I am grateful for the opportunity that was afforded to me to become part of what the Lord was doing over the course of the week of training……….”

At CABSA we are grateful to be coworkers with Christ in this ministry we are committed to.

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