Resources for Churches: Lets Listen to Those Living with HIV in Scotland.


“Open your ears and they will open your eyes”

It is estimated that 34 million people are living with HIV worldwide. In the UK there are nearly 100,000 people and in Scotland over 5,500  who are HIV positive. No matter who we are or where we live, it’s an issue that affects us all. 

Although we may be familiar with the images of HIV overseas, orphaned children in Africa perhaps, we may not be so familiar with HIV in Scotland.  It is well over twenty years since Scottish people were immersed in information about HIV and much has changed since then. Four people have come forward to bravely give us an insight into living with HIV in Scotland today. They remain anonymous due to the stigma of living with HIV and very real threat of harassment.

These are the people that Jesus would walk among today; the people that society has pushed to its fringes. We invite you to learn more about Him through them. Films, HIV factsheets and a website are available to accompany this resource. 

You can access the resource here

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