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CABSA AGM 2017 - Asset - or Competence Based Community Development. 17/5/2017

Different stakeholders attended the recent CABSA Annual General Meeting held in Randburg at Fontainebleau Community Church, who hosts the CARIS offices. Those present included the Chairperson of CABSA’s Board, Ms Eulogia Murray, Director Lyn van Rooyen, CCoH Facilitators, Donors, CABSA Randburg staff, CABSA Wellington represented by Aneleh Fourie-Le Roux (Training Manager), Leaders form faith-based communities, beneficiaries and the community at large. As networking is one of CABSA’s key activities, the day started with guests being given time to chat over a cup of coffee and cake.

Different speakers lined up for the day, some who had joined CABSA a decade ago. Ms van Rooyen welcomed the guests, followed by one of the trained CCoH facilitators Pastor Mandla Zwane, who blessed the occasion with prayer and a message from John 11 verses 18-19.

The theme of the morning was asset- or competence community development and Lyn van Rooyen did not waste time to introduce the speakers

The first speaker was Janine Ward who is passionate about community development and as a young social worker implemented an Asset-Based Development programme in the rural town of Mafucula in Swaziland. She highlighted the challenges, experiences and lessons she learnt from her time in Mafucula: not forgetting the brick making project, construction of the a bridge in the area, vegetable garden and other income generating projects. Janine said; “I learnt that everyone can be successful only if we i) start where you are; ii) use what you have, and iii) do what you can.” Her later involvement with the Churches, Channels of Hope programme fit in well with this philosophy.

The second speaker was Schalk van Heerden, who contributed his life and time fighting for social justice; he heads the Safe South Africa’s Youth Zones. He reminded people how important Assest-Based Development is, but focused mainly on how faith-based communities’ need to decolonise their mindset to bring equality and social justice, without judging people in challenged communities (including those infected and affected by HIV/ AIDS). Schalk was very bold on the perceptions which people had over racial issues that are dividing the nation. He said, “Being born in a very Afrikaans family and community, decolonising my mindset was an important decision in life, because it helped me to see the good and learn from people of other races”. Schalk encouraged NGOs not to depend on donations from companies but rather be independent through income generating activities that encourage growth and sustainability. He concluded by saying, “Development is a not a job but it is a life-time thing”.

The next speaker was Dave Marokane, a young man who was born and raised in Limpopo and came to Diepsloot to start a new life with a bag of clothes and R 800.00 cash. He followed his dream, never looked down on himself and started an NGO for youth called Book Of Hope (BOH) based in Diepsloot. His journey with CABSA started in 2015, during the CCoH facilitator’s training in Germiston. He regards the training as a life changing moment, both for his church and personally. After the training, he was happy to take the initiative of CCoH to his church, New Life Ministries in Diepsloot, but received a negative response, because his pastors did not want to speak about anything to do with HIV/ AIDS. Dave said, “I approached the church to discuss issues around HIV/ AIDS and what ran into their minds was sex and they quickly criticized me. In response, I said to them show me your plan as a church in tackling HIV/ AIDS, for which I did not get a response”.  He was however able to convince his church to reverse its decisions and they allowed him to initiate HIV/ AIDS talks, where every Sunday after the main service there are discussions around HIV/ AIDS.

It would be impossible to leave the day without hearing from the woman who has been at the centre of CCoH training. Aneleh Fourie-Le Roux, CABSA’s training manager, has worked with CABSA for the past 12 years, and was one of the first trainees of the Churches Channels of Hope programme. She related how she developed the attitude and character to work with Christian based communities during her studies and after. From her experience and knowledge working with faith-based communities and CCoH, she expanded the idea of “Towards competency- recognising the significance of few loaves and fish”, the teaching Luke 9 verses 16 – 17. She encouraged faith leaders to ensure that they give comprehensive teachings on HIV/ AIDS in their faith-based communities. Aneleh highlighted that faith-based communities are often willing to care for people who are ill of AIDS but less confortable dealing with activities that will prevent the spread of HIV. She encouraged faith leaders to share and put into practice some of the principles of competency into their communities.

Lyn van Rooyen, the executive director, concluded the day by sharing the activities and events of 2016.  She took the opportunity to thank all the stakeholders for their support, which enabled CABSA to equip and support faithleaders to make a difference in communities that are affected by HIV or AIDS. After an overview of the statistics in South Africa, Lyn expressed the need for more involvement of the church in dealing with the challenges of HIV and informed the stakeholders of the impact CABSA had in faith-based communities.  She highlighted the following:

  • Training and mobilization has expanded in the previous year with 4 facilitators training held in Kenya, KZN and 2 in Gauteng. The past year has also seen the facilitation of at least 6 workshops with 138 participants and the launch of the Peer Educators’ Training in the Western Cape. 
  • The websites managed by CABSA ( and received a total of 217 822 visits, the Facebook pages had 1 676 likes and Twitter profiles have 752 followers. The subscriber base expanded and Weekle Bible Messages were sent to 1 080 subscribers.
  • Through the “Thursdays in Black” initiative, CABSA has managed to convey the message against sexual abuse and rape. Advocacy was further strengthened through “We Will Speak Out South Africa” (aimed at sexual violence), Transformative Justice Workshops and presentations at various conferences and events.
  • CABSA was the local host for interfaith activities at the International AIDS conference in Durban in 2016. Lyn said: “Our involvement included organising a two day interfaith preconference, an interfaith worshipservice, and a vibrant interfaith networking zone with a very active programme in the Global Networking zone.”

You can download the Annual Report here. Please note a typing error on the summary of the financial statements. The Amount of R 312 818 in "Corporate Development and Governance should be R132 818.

In closing, the chairperson reported on the changes to constitution; which were mainly the mission, vision, more details about the objectives, the roles and responsibilities of the Board of Directors and the managing of “friends of CABSA”. “However though there are changes to the constitution, the heart of CABSA did not change - that is equipping faith communities with resources to bring transformation in a world with HIV/ AIDS”, Lyn said.

Guest were served a light lunch which gave time for further networking before the event was over.



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CABSA AGM 2016 - Celebrating 15 Years of Grace. 14/4/2016

What a wonderful opportunity to meet old friends and share memories! This is a quick glimpse at the event. A more comprehensive photoalbum is available on our Facebook page

This morning CABSA's AGM was held at the Dutch Reformed Church, Wellington North. More than just an AGM, it was also an opportunity to celebrate CABSA's 15th birthday! Lyn planned a quick overview of some of the highlights of the past 15 years. Once she realized the extent of the memories, she realized that it would be “not-so-quick”! And this was before the other voices were added.  The really exciting part of this "flight through history" was that so many long-time friends of CABSA could share their stories. You can share in this walk in memory lane here. (Please be patient - it takes a few minutes to load.)

We were also privileged to have both CABSA's previous directors, Logy Murray and Nelis du Toit, at the event, as well as two previous chairpersons, Dr Adrie Killian and Dr Xolile Simon.

Special gifts were handed over to the staff who has been part of the dream for many years - Meloney Goliath (10 years), Aneleh Fourie-Le Roux (11 years) and Lyn van Rooyen (12 years). It is clear from this photo that it is Thursday, as we are all in black in solidarity with the Thursdays in Black campaign.

It was very exciting to see the newly developed website! Lyn highligted a few features of the new website and announced a very exciting competition. You can read about this here.

Logy gave feedback on the process of changing the constitution. Although there will still be some refining, the following suggestion was put to the meeting:


CABSA catalyses the competence of the Church to bring transformation in the areas of health, well-being and gender equality in a world affected by HIV.


Caring and competent Christian communities that embody transformation and hope in a HIV affected world, in need of health, wellbeing and equality.

CABSA Ethos Statement

  • We are a dynamic and adaptive organisation.
  • Our work is evidence-based and faith-inspired.
  • Our actions are guided by our vision, values and identity.
  • We are passionate and committed in what we do.
  • We endure whatever the circumstances.
  • We harness lasting relationships for collective impact.

The meeting supported the generall princple and again supported the principle of an electronic general meeting to approve changes in the constitution.

 In addition to guests sharing may stories and memories they also shared their wishes for CABSA on a message wall and ended the meeting by praying for the future of the organisation.



PDF icon Programme of AGM 2016562.57 KB
PDF icon CABSA Annual Report 20154.48 MB
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CABSA 'celebrated life' at its AGM and mini-conference on Gender, GBV and HIV.

On Saturday CABSA ‘Celebrated Life’ at its Annual General Meeting which was accompanied by a mini-conference on Gender, Gender-Based Violence (GBV) and HIV. We look back on a very inspiring and lively day and are happy to share a brief overview of the day with you. Rather have a visual impression? Take a look.


The Mini-Conference on Gender, GBV and HIV.

Xana McCauley from Christians for Biblical Equality kicked of the mini-conference with a presentation on the roots of gender and GBV. She spoke how gender inequality is present in the church, and shed some light how this should be approached from a Biblical perspective.
The second speaker, Itumeleng Komanyane from Sonke Gender Justice, spoke about positive masculinities and how to engage men in the journey to gender equality and to reduce GBV. Itumeleng shared stories from her everyday life that were recognised by the audience. She shared that men often feel a lot of pressure from society to provide for their family, that young-women rather date a guy with a car. With South-Africa’s current economy and high-unemployment it often is not possible for men to meet these demands, so it is important that we change these thought-patterns.
CABSA’s long-term partner, World Vision, shared insights from their ‘Channels of Hope for Gender’ programme. Maclean Dlodlo spoke about the impact of this training in the Solomon Islands, how women feel empowered through this training and how gender viewpoints of the trained beneficiaries change to more equal ones.
Meleney Kriel spoke for VIVA Rape Response and shared how the organisation implemented a response system for sexual violence in the Mamelodi township, in Pretoria. She shared some powerful stories how, through this system, a social worker and the police were mobilised and avoided situations from escalating.
After a short break Marcus van Wyk from We Will Speak Out shared refreshing information on how you as an individual can ‘speak out’ against sexual and gender based violence and invited the participants to sign the We Will Speak out Pledge and make a difference.
Lastly, our colleague Aneleh Fourie-Le Roux spoke about CABSA’s ‘Thursdays in Black’ campaign, how this influenced her life and her wardrobe, but also how individuals in local grass-roots communities can stand-up against GBV, by wearing black on Thursdays. She shared that by wearing black you mourn with the persons that suffer from GBV and draw the line that it is enough. 

The Annual General Meeting.

After all these inspiring and motivating stories, it was time for the official part, which was in the competent hands of Logy Murray and our Director Lyn van Rooyen. Lyn walked us through the Annual Report of 2014. CABSA is proud to share that, with limited resources, we had a great impact in 2014. This year’s annual report was accepted at the AGM.
Logy shared that it is necessary to change the constitution to meet the reality of the organisation’s expanded reach and the participants at the AGM agreed that this may be done through an online general meeting.
This day was only possible through the commitment of our speakers and exhibitors, thank you very much!

For a visiual impression of the day click here


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Preparing more Channels of Hope. June 2014

On Monday, 2 June, another CABSA Training of Facilitators started with 30 participants and a competent training team of 6 members. The Training continued for 6 days till lunch time on Sunday, 8 June. 'Tunde Fowe of Nigeria was the lead trainer of the team who helped to keep everybody focused and engaged. The programme, loaded with knowledge on HIV and AIDS, opportunities to practice Facilitation Skills and guided by Christian Principles, kept people involved and interested.

It was the first time that this format of training was done – the majority of the participants (25 people) came from one particular community in the Eden Park area in Gauteng. The rest of the participants came from Kenya and Zambia.

The participants all seemed excited about the opportunity to gain knowledge and skills to be used in their different faith communities. Here follow a few comments from participants: 

  • I especially appreciated the inclusion of material aimed at examining our attitudes and the understandings which took us all on a journey.
  • This has changed my mind set.  Thank you. Thank you!!
  • It gave me a good understanding and skills.
  • The explanation brought a great challenge to me.
  • It was my first time being part of training such as this, but I don’t regret being here. Well done.

Through the grace of God and the financial support of our stakeholders, CABSA had the opportunity to help empower people in order to address the challenge of HIV and AIDS in our communities.

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CABSA Annual General Meeting. 18 March 2013

On the 18th of March CABSA had the opportunitiy to look back at the joys and challenges of 2012.

 We were very priviliged to share this event with a group of the CABSA representatives and training team members. 

You can download a PDF of the Annual Report here or read it online below.

 The Infographic provides a snapshot of the activities of the year.

CABSA Infographic


View annual report online

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CABSA AGM and Celebrate Life 2012

On Saturday 19 May CABSA and AIDSLink International had a shared AGM and Knowledge Sharing event. Like in the past, this was a great opportunity to learn from each other, to network, and to share resources.


•    Welcome and Prayer = Rev Johan Pieters, FCC
•    Child Health Now - Unto Us a Child is Living = Anthony Ambrose, World Vision
•    Hide and Seek: Why HIV matters in children? = Dr. Ute Fuecht, Department of Paediatrics and Child Health, Kalafong hospital and University of Pretoria
•    Introducing the SAVE prevention methodology as a holistic tool for realising the UNAIDS goals of getting to Zero.  = Rev Jape Heath, INERELA+
•    Men as Partners in Prevention = Past Mbulelo Dyasi, SANAC Men’s Sector
•    Introducing the Annual Reports:
•    Ms Logy Murray
o    AIDSLink International Annual Report 2011 = Rose Hack
o    CABSA Annual Report 2011 (PowerPoint)= Lyn van Rooyen. Download the 'Year at a Glance' poster  and the annual report
•    Thank You.
•    Closing Prayer = Rev William Ficks 
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CABSA 2011 - At a Glance

PDF icon Cabsa 2011 at a glance.pdf1.58 MB
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Photo Album

Ashley busy with registration



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10th Anniversary Celebrations. 3-5 June 2011

CABSA celebrated our anniversary with a number of events on the weekend of 3-5 June 2011.  Read the reports and view the photos below.

PDF icon CABSA Celebrating 10years pamphlet.pdf875.09 KB
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CABSA's 10th Anniversary - Evening of Music and Celebration at URCSA Zions, Paarl. 3/6/2011

The first event of CABSA's anniversary celebrations was a evening of music and celebration.  Our gracious host was the Zions congregation of URCSA Paarl.

It was wonderful to visit a congregation that integrated HIV in the life and ministry of the organisation.  Banners and posters proclaim: "Ons gee om" - "We care"

The evening started with praise and worship by the URCSA Zions Praise and Worship group. In spite of it being very cold, the hall slowly started to fill with people with warm hearts!

Rev Jimmy de Wet welcomed al those present and opened the evening with prayer and lighting the AIDS candle.


A special moment was when the youth of the congregation were invited to light individual candles in the candelabra

We were entertained by the voices of the Bet-El Men’s choir and the Mbekweni choir and the movements and inspiration of the Zions Spiritual Dance group before Rev Nelis du Toit briefly introduced the work of CABSA.


Our special thanks on this evening went to a very special group of CABSA co-workers, individuals living with HIV who played a particular role through their positive lives to address stigma and break down misconceptions.  Sadly, only Patti Thomas could be with us, but we also thought about and prayed for Fanie, Quintin and Toni



The final performance of the evening was our guest artist, the talented and inspiring Annalise Wiid.  With her beautiful voice, wonderful stories and passionate message, she touched and inspired the CABSA family and all our friends to do even more in our quest to bring reconciliation and hope in a world with HIV.




 The evening ended with a warm cup of soup prepared by the men of the Zions congregation!


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CABSA Annual General Meeting and Networking Event. 4/6/2011

The 2011 CABSA Annual General Meeting and Networking Event had a very special focus to celebrate our 10th anniversary.  As has become customary, there was plenty of time for sharing and networking, but there was also a specific focus on the organisation's founders.

The event was hosted by the DRC Helderberg congregation, Somerset West

CABSA staff members ready to welcome all the visitors.


 Local organisations involved in some way with HIV were invited to exhibit, while CABSA also highlighted the work we do:

We were welcomed to the AGM by Rev Hannes Theron, pastor of the Helderberg Congregation, and the Chairperson of the CABSA Board opened the meeting with prayer, before Rev Nelis du Toit presented the annual report. (The minutes of the meeting, apowerpoint presentation and the Annual Report can be accessed below.)


Lyn introduced the founders of CABSA. 

Christo sent his message from the Netherlands by video, and his mother accepted a gift and said a few words about their journey as family with HIV and with CABSA; Logy highlighted the extent to which CABSA has always been dependant on grace and what a privilege it has been to be part of the CABSA journey, and God's provision for the organisation; Corneel also spoke of the passion all involved with organisation displayed, and that CABSA was also part of Attie's passion.

View Christo's message:




Aneleh Fourie-Le Roux acknowledged a few other key role players in the history of the organisation: Ms Esther Blackaller representing the Women’s Ministry of the Dutch Reformed Church, Dr Andre du Toit representing Huguenot College, Dr Pieter Fourie representing Bible Media and Rev Nelis du Toit as outgoing director of CABSA.

Jerry highlighted the important role of other CABSA role players such as board members, staff, training team members, regional representatives, facilitators, donors and friends of CABSA. (Co-workers were honoured on Friday night). He also thanked everyone involved for their role in the organisation and the events of the weekend.

It is very clear that the CABSA family is large - and that the few staff members of the organisation are only the ‘ears of the hippopotamus’.


Representatives from exhibiting organisations had the opportunity to introduce their organisations, and conveyed messages of congratulations:

Helderberg Hospice - Ms Dianne Waddington

Monte Christo Miqlat Ministries    Ms Zukiswa Khonjwayo

CPUT - Mr Marius Harmsen

CLF - Ms Hedwig Moore

And then it was time for candles, cake, plenty of delicious snacks, networking and building relationships!


More photo's of the networking part of the event will be posted soon!

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Networking at the AGM. 5/6/2011

New relationships were formed and old one's were strengthened




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Tenth Anniversary Thanksgiving Service. 5/6/2011

The service was held on a sunny Sunday afternoon at the Calvin Protestant Church in Athlone, Cape town.

Welcome and Call to Worship – Rev Stephen Snyman

 Call to Worship
Leader:    Jesus Christ is the Light that came into this world.
               His light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.
Leader:    The Lord be with you
All:           And also with you
Leader:    Lift up your hearts
All:           We lift them up to the Lord
Leader:    For the glory and honour are yours, Father and Son, with the Holy Spirit in your holy church, now and forever.

Song – Masithi Amen

Scripture Reading (in Xhosa)

Psalm 146 – Dr Xolile Simon

Candle Ceremony - Rev Elise Theunissen

Prayer - Dr Xolile Simon





Scripture reading (in Afrikaans)

2 Corinthians 4:1-3, 5-7, 13-15 – Rev Kathleen Smith

Message – Rev Nelis du Toit

2 Corinthians 4: 5-7 Though we are clay pots we bear the wonderful treasure of the message of God’s love.

We all know passages in Paul’s letters where we read about the wonders of being saved by Christ. In 5:17-18 he writes – “Anyone who believes in Christ is a new creation. The old is gone! The new has come! It is all from God. He brought us back to himself through Christ's death on the cross. And he has given us the task of bringing others back to him through Christ.” NIRV. In Eph 2:10 we read – “For we are God’s masterpiece. He has created us anew in Christ Jesus, so we can do the good things he planned for us long ago.” (NLT)

However, in our text Paul comes from another angle. Here Paul calls himself and his fellow believers earthen vessels. Clay pots!

Verse 7 – “Yet we who have this spiritual treasure are like common clay pots, in order to show that the supreme power belongs to God, not to us.” (Good News Translation)

I cannot explain to you what Paul exactly had in mind when he wrote this. As far as I know, this is the only time he used this expression. So instead of putting my ideas into Paul’s mouth I will rather just tell you what this means to me.

* Clay pots are made from clay – from the earth. That reminds me of Gen 2:7 – “Then the Lord God took some soil from the ground and formed a man out of it; he breathed life-giving breath into his nostrils and the man began to live.”

Therefore the picture of a human being, or a Christian, as a clay pot is for me a picture of how we are created from this earth. We are part of God’s creation.

* Like many things in this earth, we are also perishable and fragile. Look at a rose – beautifully created by God, but it soon wastes away. Therefore, for me a “common clay pot” is a symbol of something that can break.

* This reminds me of the one lesson we as church have to learn well in this time of HIV and AIDS: We are all breakable. We are vulnerable. And we must add to this the truth that to be human means to be fallible. To put it in Biblical words – we are all sinners. Therefore not one of us can point a finger to the other to condemn.

I think one of the many temptations for the church is to become overconfident, superior, patronising and even condescending. This attitude easily grows when we only focus on the positive statements about us in the Bible and we forget the many other places where the balancing truths are explained.

Maybe some will agree with me that there were indeed elements of this in the church or amongst many Christians in the previous century. We were so sure about ourselves. When I was at university there was this attitude that our generation will be the one who will finally evangelise the whole world!

And then the century ended with the most devastating pandemic of known history. And for most of the time a big segment of the church was incompetent to respond to this challenge. Why? For many reasons, but one reason is that many church leaders were looking down at the pandemic. There message was: “if you are a broken clay pot it means you are still a sinner dying in your sins”.

We forgot – “we are all just clay pots!” Paul is a clay pot. Christians are clay pots. Christian leaders are clay pots.

* CABSA is a clay pot.

* However, to say that all of us are only clay pots, reminds me of God’s grace.

Example of Dead Sea clay pots: Although these pots were from clay and therefore breakable, it kept those scrolls from completely falling apart for about 1,900 years! Breakable but not useless. Even in Paul’s time, breakable clay pots were important utensils for daily life.


This brings me to the second part of Paul’s statement: there is a treasure in the clay pot.

And this treasure is not an eternal soul as the Greeks of those days believed. This treasure is the gospel of Jesus Christ.

In verse 6 Paul describes it with a vivid expression that recalls his experience on the road to Damascus. “For God, who said, “Let there be light in the darkness,” has made this light shine in our hearts so we could know the glory of God that is seen in the face of Jesus Christ.” (NLT)

It is as if Paul says, I have looked into the face of Jesus Christ and I have seen the glory of God.

What is the “glory of God”?

Again I can only share with you what this means to me. It reminds me of John 1:14 – “The Word became a human being. He made his home with us. We have seen his glory. It is the glory of the one and only Son. He came from the Father. And he was full of grace and truth.” (NIRV) The disciples saw the glory of Jesus in his grace, his compassion. How He embraced everyone with the love of God.

This brings me back to the first verses of this letter: 1:3 – “Give praise to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ! He is the Father who gives tender love. All comfort comes from him.” (NIRV)

Listen again to verse 6 in the NKJV – “For it is the God who commanded light to shine out of darkness, who has shone in our hearts to give the light of the knowledge of the glory of God in the face of Jesus Christ.”

When I read this verse I think of Rom 5:5 – “Now hope does not disappoint, because the love of God has been poured out in our hearts by the Holy Spirit who was given to us.” (NKJV)

And we all know John 1:5 – “The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness can never extinguish it.” (NLT)

The treasure is this light shining into our hearts. It’s not something solid, something you learn and then you have it and you can hand it out as you like. It’s the wonder of discovering God’s tender love.

A simple comparison: you’ve been lying in bed with the flu in the Cape winter. You are sick and it is cold outside and raining all the time. No sun, no blue sky. And then you wake up the next morning, open the curtains and whala! The sun shines on your face! And the sky is blue and the birds are singing! That’s a treasure. It changes you and lifts you out of your depressed mood.

As much as the HIV pandemic has reminded us of the fact that we are only clay pots, the same pandemic helps us to understand the wonder of this treasure. The light of God is our treasure. The love of God is our treasure. The grace of God is our treasure. Seeing Jesus’ disciples embracing everyone is our treasure.

However, this is something we have to discover over and over. We have to remind one another. We have to drink from this well again and again.

But most important of all – we have to share it. We need to be clay pots that poor out the treasure.

According to John 7:37-38, Jesus said: "Let anyone who is thirsty come to me and drink. Does anyone believe in me? Then, just as Scripture says, streams of living water will flow from inside him." NIRV. Cf GNT: “Streams of life-giving water will pour out from his side.”

To come back to the image of the clay pot. Water from a clay pot will only be refreshing if that clay pot is emptied often and filled again and emptied and filled again. It’s like a clay pot becoming a channel…!

Yes, CABSA is a clay pot, but fortunately CABSA is more than that, it’s a channel! A channel “passing on” this treasure of God we discover again and again. A channel pouring out this treasure of God again and again in a world with HIV and AIDS.

Therefore my prayer for CABSA is: may CABSA, who is a clay pot, always continue pouring out the treasure of God’s tender love, God’s light and may CABSA then be filled again and again with a renewed understanding of God’s grace.

Prayer – Rev Kathleen Smith

Leader:     Father, Son and Holy Spirit, we come before You in awe and worship
All:           Thank you for your everlasting love
                You have comforted us in all our troubles
                And poured your love into our hearts through your Holy Spirit
Leader:    Heavenly Father
                In this time of HIV and AIDS we call upon your name -
All:           It is so easy to think that we are invincible
                But we have learned that we are vulnerable
                We pray for your fatherly protection and care
Leader:    Jesus, our Saviour
                In the midst of the HIV pandemic we pray to you -
All:          We often feel like sheep without a shepherd
               Bring us into your presence
               To be restored and saved
Leader:     Holy Spirit, our Comforter
                We have been struggling against HIV and AIDS for years –
All:           Lead us though this dark valley into your light
                And give us your peace
Leader:    Merciful God, we pray for everyone living with HIV and all who are involved
All:           For our government – that they may be instruments of your righteousness and peace
                For all medical professionals – give them knowledge to find medical solutions
                For all caregivers – for love to care with gentle hands
                For all organisations in the AIDS field – for resources and energy to persevere
                For CABSA – to be your instrument of hope and reconciliation
                We pray for ourselves –
                May we be light and salt in this world.
               Help us to be compassionately involved
                Empower us to act and live responsibly
                To the honour of your Name


OfferingStephen Snyman

Prayer for UNGASS – Lyn van Rooyen

Today’s date is significant, not only because it is CABSA’s anniversary.  On the 5th of June 1981, the Centre’s for Disease Control in the USA published the first report of a strange new disease which would later become known as AIDS.  So today could be viewed as the 30th anniversary of the epidemic.  And in the week ahead, world leaders will meet in New York at a Special Session of the United Nations General Assembly (UNGASS).  This meeting will determine the direction and nature of the worlds response to HIV for the future.  This prayer is made with these thoughts in mind:

Dear Lord

Our celebrations come at a time of great importance in the AIDS epidemic:

Thirty years ago, the first report was published of what became known as HIV and AIDS.  In these thirty years there have been many tales of heartbreak, but also many tales of scientific breakthroughs and organisational and national responses.  In these years there has been many times when we called to you in despair and times where we praised you for your trustworthiness.

Today we come to you with a particular prayer for the wisdom of your Spirit.  In the next few days world leaders will be meeting to determine the international response to HIV over the next few years. We would like to pray for this meeting and all the participants:

  • We pray for their deliberations, that they do not lose sight of the great challenges ahead,
  • We pray for bold decisions and implementable plans, when they consider targets for access to prevention, treatment and care.
  • We pray for the commitment from all participants to make their plans a reality.

But more than this:

  • We pray that each participant remembers that their deliberations are not about statistics and plans.
  • We ask that you remind them that each decision touches the lives of people;
  • We ask  that you remind them of  the more than 33 million people infected with HIV, the millions more who are directly affected and the millions that will be infected in future if we do not act decisively now.
  • We pray that this meeting is a time of renewed commitment, for governments and international organisations, but also for each of us responding to the challenges of HIV
  • We ask you to help us as individuals and as organisation to keep our government accountable to their decisions in the months and years after the meeting,

We pray this because we know that you are the trustworthy God, but you are also the God of new beginnings.

Give us a new beginning in our response to HIV.


Song – Amazing grace

Blessing – Stephen Snyman

Leader:    Now to him who is able to strengthen you according to my gospel and the preaching of Jesus Christ, according to the revelation of the mystery which was kept secret for long ages but is now disclosed and through the prophetic writings is made known to all nations, according to the command of the eternal God, to bring about the obedience of faith–– to the only wise God be glory for evermore through Jesus Christ! (Rom 16:25-27).

All:        Amen!


 (Photo's: Jan van Rooyen)

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Messages of Congratulations

These messages were received on the occasion of CABSA's tenth birthday celebration in June 2011:

Ian & Anita Rushton; TtF 2004, CABSA Representative KZN

Happy 10th Birthday to CABSA, an organisation birthed through a unique vision of the Body of Christ and its mission that has birthed life and spread reconciliation, hope and grace throughout our country and our wonderful continent. May God continue to inspire and grace CABSA's leadership.

May God continue to inspire, resource and grace CABSA's leadership to sustain and expand its life-giving ministry and to embody the Guiding Principles, and its co-workers and facilitators to be channels of hope and life-gives every day and in every way throughout our continent.

Lloyd Khanyanga: CCoH Facilitator, CABSA Representative Malawi, Director FLAEM

I wish all participants to the CABSA celebrations all the best as the celebrations come to the climax. We look forward to another blessed decade.

Mario Muromua:  CCoH Facilitator, Mozambique

Thanks for the info and am with you people in spirit! Will keep praying.

Clive Ferreira, CCoH Facilitator, Somerset Wes

Thank you very much for your message.  I too am sad that I will not be able to join you at CABSA's 10th anniversary celebrations.  I would have love to have been there but the fact is that I shall be away on those very dates.  Rest assured however that I will keep you all in my thoughts and prayers.  

Chris Maphosa: CCoH Facilitator, Zimbabwe

Indeed I remain in prayer and are together with you in the Spirit.

Stay blessed and looking forward to hearing from you the proceedings

Kays (Aaron) Kanyangarara: CCoH Facilitator, Zimbabwe

I will certainly be with you in spirit. I am glad to be part of the wonderful work God is doing through CABSA. Thanks for advising me. Blessings

Wiehahn Maritz: CCoH Facilitator, CABSA Representative, Northern Cape

I would have loved to join all of you for the celebrations and understand that it’s not possible to sponsor everyone’s traveling costs. CABSA have much reason to celebrate! Enjoy every moment.

And, yes, I would be proud to wear the new CABSA T-shirt. Put me on the mailing list!  Blessings from Upington.

Caroline: CCoH Facilitator

Happy celebrations! We are marking ours too here and CABSA  T shirts will be worn on that day and prayers will be offered too.  I wish everyone in CABSA a memorable celebration, wish I were there! Gods Blessings

Janine Ward: CCoH Facilitator, Community Builder

Your childhood is just about over and now you face growing into adulthood...may your adolescent years be smooth and productive! Thank you for training and inspiring so many of us to become channels of hope in our own spheres of influence.

My prayer is that God will bless all at CABSA with renewed strength and direction to fulfill His plan for this beloved nation of ours, and for our neighbours around us. HAPPY 10th ANNIVERSARY!  Viva CABSA viva!

Richard Toxla: CCoH Faclitator, Ghana

I wish I were in S.A to join in the CABSA birthday celebrations … Please, do extend my congratulations to the CABSA Team.

‘Tunde Fowe: CCoH Facilitator, Trainer and Representative West and Central Africa

You cannot attend a CABSA training and remain the same. How do I know? First, from a personal experience. In spite of a myriad of HIV training I had received and my many years of experience in HIV response (part of which included serving as director of an HIV and AIDS programme at national level), CABSA training was refreshingly different - it went straight for my heart and I was transformed. Second, from my privileged participation on a number of training teams. I witness that life changing experience in participants without fail, every time a training takes place. CABSA is changing the face of Christian response to the HIV and AIDS pandemic by building caring communities. Thank you CABSA. May God enlarge your coast of influence.

Buyiswa Mpini: CCoH Facilitator and CABSA Representative in Eastern Cape

I would like to congratulate CABSA on this joyous and historic occasion.  I thank God for the 10 years of touching lives and making a difference in people's lives.  I appreciate CABSA's mission of bringing reconciliation in this time of HIV and AIDS in our world!!!  I thank God that my life is one of those that was touched for the better for participating in the Churches Channel of Hope Programme.  I continue to wear my Channel of Hope pin with pride as I know that my life has found a purpose through your programme!!!  Thank you, May God continue to bless CABSA for many years to come!!!

Andrie Kilian: CCoH Facilitator, previous Chairperson of CABSA Board, Message from Northern Ireland

Ek dank die Here saam met julle vir die onberekenbare vrug en seen op al die inisiatiewe van CABSA gedurende die afgelope tien jaar. Ek bid dat die goeie gevolge van al julle ondernemings gedurende die volgende tien jaar sal vertiendubbel! Hartlik geluk.

I thank the Lord for His incalculable blessings on al the initiatives of CABSA during the past ten years. I sincerely pray that the good results of all your enterprises during the next ten years might duplicate ten-fold! Congratulations.

Annie Kaseketi Mwaba: CCOH Faciltator and Trainer, CPGD Project Trainer and Mentor; World Vision International, Church Partnership on Gender and Development

Thank you for faithfully serving with churches in making the lives of those of us that are positive worth while. To the Whole CABSA Family we send our congratulations on your 10th anniversary! May the Lord continue His good work in you, through and for you. 

Dalene van Schalkwyk

CCoH Facilitator,CABSA Representative Western Cape

Congratulations CABSA!   I thank the Lord for what He has done through CABSA the past 10 years.   May He bless and help all to continue with what He has planned for us.

Bobby Fredd:  CCoH Facilitator

Happy Birthday!

Elzaan de Villiers; CCoH Facilitator, Building Hope

Baie geluk!  Mag die Here CABSA oorvloedig seen met wysheid en insig en netwerke. En soos wat fondse vir MIV al meer krimp, “that the church will rise to take its leadership responsibility in caring for the sick, the widow and the orphan”. 

Yvonne Morgan: Director, CATHCA

All of us at CATHCA send warm congratulations to CABSA on its 10-year anniversary. Thank you for the great work you do in bringing together Christians in the fight against AIDS! May your work be blessed and go from strength to strength. The need is there!

Johan Bouwer; CCoH Facilitator, HIV/AIDS STD TB Wellness Educator, Employee Wellness Offices

I have been very privileged to be part of CABSA.  I have now also reached one of my goals and that is to be fulltime involved with HIV/AIDS in the City of Cape Town.  Congratulations on your 10 years! Wow God is good. Blessings to all. Here is looking at the next 10 years!

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Na 10 jaar ken CABSA Genade. 14/6/2011

Verslag or CABSA se feesvieringe op bl 3 van die Kerbode, gedateer 17 Julie 2011.


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CABSA Anniversary Short Story Competition

As part of the CABSA 10th birthday celebrations, two short story competitions with HIV as theme were held. This was done together with publishing partners “Lig” and “Southern Anglican”.

The English competition was won by Brigid Lawrence and Rhoda Kawinga.

In the previously published section, the winner was Brigid Lawrence is a 76 year old mother, grandmother and lay preacher from Fish Hoek. Her story was titled “A Journey Towards Hope”. She says: “I’m sadly aware of the terrible misunderstandings and prejudice that still remain against HIV/AIDS, but also so thankful for the incredible love and generosity shown by many. My char, Nopele, helped me with suitable names, and checked the story for authenticity! I‘d been solely dependent on the internet and an atlas!”

In the novice section the winning story was “Alive Again”, written by Rhoda Kawinga . She is a filmmaker, director and previously unpublished author, who was born in Zambia and now lives in Hout Bay, Cape Town.

Her motivation for entering the competition is “to highlight how the devastation of HIV Aids does not discriminate, hence the only way to beat the disease is to work together regardless of our field of expertise.”

The winning entry in the Afrikaans competition was “Om sag te dra” by Melodie Slabbert.

Net een weninskrywing is in die Afrikaanse kompetisie gekies "Om sag te dra", deur Melodie Slabbert.

Sy skryf soos volg oor haarself: Ek is ‘n professor in Geneeskundige reg aan die Universiteit van Suid-Afrika. Ek doseer onder andere ‘n meestersprogram en ‘n nagraadse diploma in die regsaspekte rondom MIV en VIGS. Die stigmatisering van persone met MIV/VIGS is ‘n kwessie wat ingrypend inbreuk maak op die fundamentele regte van persone wat leef met MIV en VIGS. Die swaar las van stigmatisering is ‘n aspek wat my in regsnavorsing oor MIV en VIGS besonder opgeval het en my aangespoor het om dit as vertrekpunt te gebruik vir my deelname aan die kompetisie. Ek is ook ‘n advokaat van die Hooggeregshof en sedert 1994 verbonde aan die Universiteit van Suid-Afrika. Ek is ook die voorsitter van die navorsingsetiekkomitee van Unisa.

Microsoft Office document icon A Journey Towards Hope.doc42.5 KB
Microsoft Office document icon Alive Again.doc36.5 KB
Microsoft Office document icon Om Sag teDra.doc36.5 KB
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Celebrate Life 2010

 On 8 and 9 May 2010 CABSA and FCC will once again be

Celebrating Life in a World with HIV.

The weekend will be filled with art and NGO exhibitions, knowledge-sharing and networking, worship and music and of course a moment for reflection and gratitude during CABSA's AGM.

All events will take place on the premises of Fontainbleau Community Church (were the CARIS office is situated), on the corner Rabie road and Fourth Avenue, Fontainbleau, Randburg.

A Registration form can be downloaded below. (One form for all the events of the weekend). Although this event is free, it would help us to plan if we have an idea of the number of participants at the different events planned for the weekend.

Programme and Activities:

Saturday 8 May 2010

NGO Exhibitions.

Christian organisations responding to HIV in prevention, treatment care and support will have the opportunity to highlighting their work and make their products available. Interested organisations can contact Lyn for more information

Book exhibition space on the attached form below.

Networking Breakfast

Those involved and interested in the HIV field will have an opportunity to meet with others responding to or wanting to respond to HIV and find opportunities to co-operate or learn from each other.

HIV Competent Faith Communities Conference

Key speakers will highlight various factors around the theme “HIV Competent Faith Communities.”

This is a draft Programme as on the 19th of April, and it is subject to change. We will update information as it is finalised


Welcome and Intro – Lyn van Rooyen, CABSA

Prayer and Candle Lighting, Rev Johan Pieters, FCC

08h30 – 09h30

Networking Breakfast and Exhibitions

09h30 – 10h10

“Compelled by Compassion!” George Snyman of Hands@Work in Africa on the Biblical mandate to respond to HIV.

10h10 – 10h50

The reality of HIV in Southern Africa, with particular focus on the socio-cultural drivers of the epidemic. Prof Geoff Setswe, Monash University

10h50 – 11h00


11h00 – 11h40

Faith Leaders Responding to HIV – The INERELA+ Experience. Carolyne A. Opinde, INERELA+

11h40 – 12h20

The challenges and joys of mobilising faith communities to respond to HIV. Anna Kaura, MCDC

12h20 – 13h00

Governance and Accountability. Ms Siziwe Ngcwabe, IThuba-Lethu Management Services

13h00 - 14h00

Lunch and Exhibitions

14h00 – 14h40

The Challenge - Resource Mobilization in Tough Times. AIDS Consortium

14h40 - 15h20 


Using volunteers in the fight against HIV and AIDS. Dr Arnau van Wyngaardt from Shiselweni Home Based Care

15h20 – 15h30

Thank you and closing

 HIV Testing

There will be an opportunity to test for the HIV antibodies for the first time or to re-test

Art Competition: - Celebrating life in a World with HIV

Artist are asked to convey their impression of the theme: Celebrating life in a world with HIV

Art will be evaluated in a unique way – not by specialists, but by all participants in the activities of the weekend, and not according to the artistic merit, but on the impact it has on viewers. All who participate in the weekend in some way will have the opportunity to identify items that touch them particularly - artwork selected by most participants will receive a five hundred rand gift voucher. Art work will be evaluated in two categories – adults and high school learners

Download more info and application form below


Light lunch and snacks will be for sale and tea and coffee will be available throughout the day.

Sunday 9 May 2010

NGO Exhibitions.

Christian organisations responding to HIV in prevention, treatment care and support will have the opportunity to highlighting their work and make their products available

Worship Service

All participants in the weekend and individuals interested in HIV work or CABSA are invited to join Fontainebleau for a Special Worship Service focussing on HIV. Pastor Annie Kaseketi Mwaba from Zambia will be the preacher at both the 08:00 and 09:30 services.

CABSA Annual General Meeting

CABSA management and board will present the annual report for 2009 and report on the activities of the organisation

Networking Tea

Those involved and interested in the HIV field will have an opportunity to meet with others responding to or wanting to respond to HIV and find opportunities to co-operate or learn from each other.

For more information, contact:

Lyn van Rooyen at or Tel 011 796 6830 


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Celebrate Life 2010 and CABSA AGM- Presentations


Celebrate Life Conference 2010 - 8 May

Some of the knowledgeable and passionare presenters at the Celebrate Life Conference were able to share their presentations with us. You can download these presentations below.  Please use correct referencefor the speakers amd/or their organisations if you quote their material!:

- Socio-cultural drivers of the HIV/AIDS epidemic in sub-Saharan Africa - Prof Geoff Setswe, Monash University
- Faith Leaders Responding to HIV and AIDS. The INERELA+ Experience - Carolyne A. Opinde
- The challenges and joys of mobilising faith communities to respond to HIV. Anna Kaura, MCDC (PowerPoint and Word Document)
- Governance in Non-Profit Organisations. Ms Siziwe Ngcwabe, IThuba-Lethu Management Services
- The Challenge - Resource Mobilization in Tough Times. Asnath Shai AIDS Consortium
- Using volunteers in the fight against HIV and AIDS. Dr Arnau van Wyngaardt from Shiselweni Home Based Care


After the inspiring message of Pastor Annie Kaseketi during the worship service, the director of CABSA, Rev Nelis du Toit presented the highlights of the year in a brief report.  The annual report and financial statements were approved by those present.  Rev du Toit's PowerPoint presentation is available below.

The annual report of this and previous years can be downloaded here.  

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Celebrating Life Press Release

A First for South Africa?


Visitors to the Fontainebleau Community Church (FCC) this morning stopped dead in their tracks, thinking their imagination has run amok, because on the unassuming brick facade of the church building was the largest red HIV ribbon they have ever seen.

But no, it is not their imagination. The ribbon is still there, draped around the 21 m steeple and will in fact be there for the next few weeks. The church will be the venue for the annual general meeting of the Christian Aids Bureau of South Africa (CABSA) during the weekend of 8 and 9 May, which will include a wide variety of events open to the public, ranging from art and book exhibitions to networking opportunities for workers in die HIV field and a conference with prominent speakers on various aspects of the pandemic.
For now, however, it is the giant ribbon everybody is talking about: no less than 50 m of material, 1.5 m wide, was used for the ribbon, which was installed by co-workers of CABSA during a nerve racking operation.
The red ribbon has become symbolic of the HIV and AIDS pandemic and of identifying with those living with the disease, says Lyn van Rooyen, a member of the congregation and programme manager of CARIS, a CABSA information programme.
“With this giant ribbon, CABSA and FCC want to say that is a safe and sacred space for HIV positive people, that HIV and AIDS is our reality and that we identify with this reality,” she says.
The theme of the conference is ‘Celebrating Life in a World with HIV’. The weekend’s activities will start at 08:30 on Saturday 8 May with a networking breakfast. The conference, from 09:30 to 15:30, will, among others, be addressed by George Snyman of Hands@work   on the Biblical mandate to respond to HIV, and Dr Arnau van Wyngaardt from Shiselweni Home Based Care, who will share his experiences of dealing with HIV in resource constrained settings.
The various NGO exhibitions could be viewed throughout the day and artists of all ages are invited to submit their impressions of what it means to celebrating life in a world with HIV.
The process and logistical challenges...

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Speakers and Exhibitors Information

We will add more information as we receive it

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Exhibitor: AMCARE

Read about their work on their website

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Exhibitor: Abraham Kriel Child Care - Community Service

Caring for 600 orphans in Soweto and Westbury.

Ms Chrissie Coetzee;

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Exhibitor: CARIS

Learn more about our work.  You can also buy resources, HIV ribbons and pins, or registoer for our electronic newsletter.

A selection of free HIV resources will also be available.

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Exhibitor: Christian Literature Fund

Read more about the resources provided on their website

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Exhibitor: Jewels of Hope

Jewels of Hope aims to mobilise and equip local people to care for and disciple orphans in their community.

Jewels of Hope provides tools to families, churches and organizations (our partners) to provide a means for personal growth and income generation for child-headed households and vulnerable children.

While care and development of the children remains with our partners, Jewels of Hope serves by:
·         Designing marketable jewelry
·         Finding and buying raw materials and preparingbead kits
·         Managing skills for the production process
·         Opening access to markets
·         Facilitating training of adult leaders in our partner organizations
·         Providing discipleship materials

More on their website.

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Exhibitor: Mukhanyo Community Development Centre

Providing holistic care for 20 000 orphans and vulnerable children and their households through day care centres, home based care, foster homes, and a palliative care centre

Read More on their website.

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Exhibitor: Philimpilo Community Care

Psychological, Spiritual and Social care

Ms Julie Peters, Director;


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Exhibitors: Life Link Distributors cc

Food Manufacturers for the poor

Food Supplements specifically for HIV/AIDS

Contact Gerrit and Ria van Schalkwyk

Tel 083 388 8259 or 0792969527 or 012 991 8223


Will be exhibiting their products at Celebrate Life

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Preacher: Annie Kaseketi Mwaba

Annie Kaseketi Mwaba works with World Vision International as Trainer and Mentor for the Church Partnership on Gender and Development Project. She was trained as a Channels of Hope facilitator in 2005 and has served on various Channels of Hope training teams.

Before joining World Vision, she served as an ordained Minister with Apostolic Church in Zambia.

She  is a strong advocate for Church Partnerships on HIV and AIDS. She is now a member of the United Church of Zambia and fellowships at St Andrews Congregation in Lusaka.

She is married with one son.

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Speaker: Anna Kaura - MCDC

A teacher by profession, called into the ministry of caring for the suffering in 2004,after 15 years of teaching. I joined MCDC full time in 2006.I worked for Mukhanyo Theological college in 2005, the institution which gave birth to MCDC, as a Registrar. I am now overseeing the OVC programs for MCDC. I am a Facilitattor for CCoH program, trained by CABSA. I conduct trainings in my community for Pastors and church Leaders on HIV/AIDS, the Christian response; in an effort to be a channel of hope outside MCDC.I also had a priviledge to facilitate workshops for CABSA in and outside south Africa.


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Speaker: Arnau van Wyngaard. Shiselweni Reformed Church Home-Based Care

Dr Arnau van Wyngaard has been serving for the past twenty five years as pastor of the Swaziland Reformed Church (Shiwelweni Congregation) and for 20 years as General Secretary of the Swaziland Reformed Church.

In 2006 he became Project Manager and CEO of Shiselweni Reformed Church Home-Based Care. He  initiated the training of the first group of 32 home-based caregivers in an area in Swaziland, known as Dwaleni.

By the end of 2009, 770 caregivers in 24 different communities were involved in this project.  Together they are caring for almost 2500 clients, most of whom would not have received much care.

In 2008  they received the Courageous Leadership Award, co-sponsored by World Vision and the Willow Creek Association for outstanding work done in the field of HIV and AIDS


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Speaker: George Snyman - Hands at Work in Africa

GeorgeGeorge Snyman is founder and CEO of Hands at Work in Africa. He lives near White River, South Africa with his wife, Carolyn, and the youngest two of his four children. In 1994 the Snyman family left their sub-urban lifestyle in search for a meaningful life. Carolyn studied nursing while George did theology and development.

During their studies George took time off and walked through six countries in Southern Africa where God showed Him his call… to care for the widows, orphans and dying. George and Carolyn spent years in the field learning how to care for these vulnerable people; and while doing this they discovered God’s call and passion for His Church.

George is passionate in challenging and supporting the African Church to care for the widows, orphans and dying in their communities. He travels to Europe, North America and Australia speaking to Churches to support the African Church in this endeavor.  

Hands at Work in Africa has a vision to reach a 100 000 Orphans and vulnerably children by 2010. Currently they work in eight countries in Sub-Sahara Africa and care for more than 20 000 orphans.  
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Speaker: Prof Geoffrey Setswe

Geoffrey Setswe is a Professor and Head of the School of Health Sciences at Monash University South Africa. He was Research Director in the Social and Behavioural Aspects of HIV/AIDS (BSAHA) Unit at the Human Sciences Research Council and served as acting Director and Regional Director for Social Aspects of HIV/AIDS Research Alliance (SAHARA) in Southern Africa. He was the founding Director of the AIDS Research Institute at Wits University where he coordinated HIV/AIDS research between 2003-2005.

He has previously worked at MEDUNSA as lecturer, senior lecturer and professor of public health over an 11 year period. During this period, he was also manager of the Secure the Future HIV/AIDS Fellowship programme and he coordinated the university-wide HIV/AIDS Action programme. His initial 12 years of working life was in the occupational health services of the Impala Platinum Mines in Rustenburg where he worked as Occupational Nurse, Night Shift Supervisor and Tutor in the Nursing College

Prof Setswe graduated with a Doctor of Public Health (DrPH) and an Honours B.Cur degree with the University of Limpopo, a Masters of Public Health (MPH) with Temple University in Philadelphia, where he was a Fulbright Scholar, a BA Cur degree with UNISA and has six other Diplomas in nursing and health management.

His community work involves responsibilities as deputy Chairman of the Board of the AIDS Consortium. His involvement with the SA National AIDS Council (SANAC) involves being the Co-Convenor of the Research, Monitoring and Evaluation (RME) Technical Task Team (TTT).  

He has co-authored two books, several publications; presented more than 50 conference papers; supervised or co-supervised over 30 completed Masters research projects.


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Speaker: Siziwe Ngcwabe IThuba-Lethu Management Services

Siziwe Ngcwabeis a qualified social worker. She is registered with SACSSP(South African Council for Social Services Professions )and SAASWIPP(South African Association of Social Workers In Private Practice), SAICHM (South African Institute for Health Care Manager) specialist member and has 14 years extensive experience and knowledge in individual counselling and working with families, community development, HIV/AIDS interventions, project management and training. As a professional social worker she worked with, and volunteered for a number of community based organisations, and held managerial positions. Through her vast experience, skills and knowledge she has developed an Orphan and Vulnerable Children (OVC) programme for Heartbeat centre for community development and an Organisational Development programme for Foundation for Professional Development (Compass Project).

 In 2009 she started a company named IThuba-Lethu Management Services that aims to be the preferred service provider in delivering excellent Psycho-social services including individual and/or family counselling through private practice and employee wellness services; training; and capacity development activities in S.A
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Special General Meeting - CABSA's New Constitution. 26/01/10

The new CABSA constitution was approved at a Special General Meeting held in Wellington this morning.

With this meeting a long process of consultation was brought to a close.  You can read the constitution below


Dr Andrie Kilian(chairperson) signs the new constitution, while Dr Sam Pick looks on.

Why change the constitution?

The changes to the constitution were initially motivated by a need for a more focussed and specialised board. 

In the past a large part of the Board was comprised of representatives from organisatons with formal agreements with the organisation.  The new constitution allows for a smaller and more streamlined board.  We have also been able to refine the constitution because of our experience since 2001.  The relationship with the Huguenot college changed recently, requiring further changes.  The organisation's "Guiding Principles" have also been included in the constitution.  CABSA believes that this shows greater transparancy about how we as a Christian organisation would like to act and interact in all our activities and relationships.

The new constitution also makes provision for a new "relationship" between CABSA and individuals and organisations who share CABSA's vision.  Inidviduals and organisations can now become formal "Friends of CABSA".  Contact Lyn if you would like more information about becoming a friend of CABSA.

PDF icon CABSA_CONSTITUTION_20100126.pdf74.04 KB
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The 2009 CABSA AGM was held on Saturday morning 9 May 2009 at the DRC Helderberg in Somerset West.

It was again a time for the CABSA 'family' to share and communicate. 

The morning started with a meeting of the CABSA staff and the Western Cape facilitators who were able to attend.  It was wonderful to see old friends and meet new ones. 

The formal AGM consisted of a Power Point Presentation (available below) highlighting a few key points from the Annual Report.  (The electronic version of this and previous Annual Reports are available online. If you would like a higher resolution version, please send me an e-mail).  The report was accepted by the meeting. 

The new constitution of was proposed and accepted.  The main changes to the constitution comprise a smaller board and the creation of "Friends of CABSA".  Individuals and organisation who share our vision will be able to apply to become "CABSA Friends". 

Our passionate spokesperson, Zane Meas, shared his vision for restored, Christian, fatherhood.  He emphasised how important the role of the father is in forming a healthy self image in children, especially girls.  This would assist children to make healthy and positive choices, including choices about their sexuality.

CABSA and CARIS had tables available with resources and materials for sale.  This was however not limited to our organisation.  We also had tables and presentations from organisations in the area, including our hosts, Helderberg DRC and Cotlands, Connect Network and CLF. 

A Friendly CABSA welcome from Meloney, Lucinda and Jerry

Did you attend the AGM?  What were the highlights?  Would you have liked something different?  Let us know!  Send me an email and I will share your views. 

Office presentation icon AGM2009Presentation.pps568 KB
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Celebrate Life - AGM. 04/08

Celebrate Life

 19-20 April 2008


 Christian Organisations “Celebrate Life” in a World with HIV

24 April 2004

Randburg: “Celebrate Life” seems to be a strange theme for a weekend focussing on HIV related ministry.  CABSA and Fontainebleau Community Church organised this weekend to show, amongst other things, that HIV is not a situation without hope.

CABSA (The Christian AIDS Bureau for Southern Africa) believes that churches and faith communities kan be caring communities, ministering reconciliation and hope to people and communities touched by HIV and AIDS.

The weekend was a network opportunity for Christian service organisations involved in HIV to do exhibitions and presentations of their work.  Products made by people  affected by the pandemic was sold and there was the opportunity to be tested for HIV.  Business and church leaders came together for a breakfast where they had the opportunity to explore the possibilities of partnerships to address the challenges of HIV. 

Fontainebleau Community Church’s services on Sunday morning focussed on the role Christians can play in addressing denial at all levels of society.  Services were led by the Rev. Father Jape Heath, and Anglican priest and board member of INERELA+ (the International Network of Religious Leaders Living with or Personally affected by HIV and AIDS.  

The well known actor, Zane Meas (Neville in Sewende Laan) was formally introduced as CABSA patron during the AGM.

Exhibitors and congregation members were very positive about the weekend.  Ian Rushton, of Jewels of Hope, said that the event was a growth opportunity for their ministry.

Opportunities such as this is an essential part of the work CABSA does.  CABSA also focuses on sensitising faith communities about the virus, mobilising churches through workshops and training of facilitators and ensuring access to reliable information.

Page through the photo album of the event below or watch the video made about CABSA on You Tube 

PDF icon AGM.pdf1.48 MB
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The CABSA Annual General Meeting was held on the 31st of May 2007 in Wellington. 

Ian and Anita Rushton shared the inspiring testimony of how God used then as CABSA facilitators to establish Jewels of Hope.  

Seen at the meeting was Anita and Ian, together with Christo Greyling, CABSA board member, Lyn van Rooyen.






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CABSA Dreams Realised 2006

 CABSA realised two of its longheld dreams in February.


The first occasion was an opportunity to talk with and listen to young people. On the weekend of 17 – 19 February a group of 23 “church-youngsters” where invited to a camp in Strand, near Cape Town. They had the opportunity to talk openly about HIV and sexuality. For CABSA this was a very valuable learning experience. The youngsters were unanimous that they want relevant information from the church and their parents, rather than from the media and other sources.

Some pictures from this occasion:

On the left you can see the happy faces that shared their thoughts at the camp

At times the discussions became quite serious!

There was also opportunities for physical activity!



Refresher Meeting

Bringing together trained facilitators of the Churches Channels of Hope programme for two days was a first for CABSA. 25 facilitators from the Western Cape and even as far as George and Komaggas gathered for a Refresher Meeting on 21 and 22 February 2006. For many it was a wonderful opportunity to meet friends they have made during a Training course. Facilitators had the opportunity to share their successes and frustrations in implementing what they have learned from CABSA. Updated materials were provided and new developments in the Churches Channels of Hope programme were explained. The facilitators asked CABSA to follow this meeting up with future refresher meetings.

CABSA is working hard to establish a mentoring programme for all trained facilitators, to ensure that the full benefit of the programme is realised.


Participants sharing a moment of recommitment


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Prayer for CABSA - AGM 2006

Dear Lord

We come to you as Father, Son and Holy Spirit

Father, God, 

We believe that you are the creator and Sustainer of life.
We believe this for the lives of each of us, but also for the life of this organisation.
Thank you, Lord, for what CABSA  has achieved - particularly in the last year. 
We know that nothing would have been possible without your grace and power.
We admit our dependence on You in the year ahead.
We pray for the resources we require -
for the energy and enthusiasm of all involved in the work of CABSA,
for endurance and innovation in our thoughts,
for the financial and infrastructure needs to realise our dreams. 
For each part of our work, we pray for your provision

Lord Jesus, we pray to you as the source of our hope. 

We pray that we may be effective messengers of your hope in a world darkened by pain. 
We pray particularly for those close to us that are facing personal and health challenges, 
the pain and uncertainty of a recent diagnosis,
the challenges of medication side effects,
the questions about the future.
Lord we pray for your healing presence in their and in our lives
and we pray that we may be your presence in a broken world and in a broken church.
Jesus, remind us also that you are a God of justice.
As the messengers of your justice, remind us of our role in challenging injustice, inequalities, discrimination and stigma.

 Holy Spirit, comforter and presence in our life,

We pray for your wisdom and presence in our lives and in this organisation.
We pray for your wisdom when dealing with the challenges we face in a world influenced by HIV
We pray for insight and compassion in our responses, so that we can truly care for each other.
We pray for your abundant blessings on CABSA and on each one at this meeting.
We offer you our service

Use us, Lord, Teach us to truly be the church today so that we may honour the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit




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