CABSA Facilitators Training, La Verna, 22-28 February 2010

The Venue
La Verna was a very beautiful venue to hold the training. As the training team there was space and privacy (individual rooms) to prepare and rest and be at our best for the training. For trainees too, having individual rooms was ideal. The venue also had a beautiful scenic view which everyone enjoyed despite work that awaited everyone. Training room was very good for desired facilities needed for the training. A very good venue indeed.
The Food
Food prepared was very well prepared and staff was kind and accommodative of requests and some special needs that were there. however the breakfasts could have been improved on as they were not sufficient as a first meal to carry people to next meal.
The Training
Training from day one went and progressed very well. While training content does not change, people who attend trainings are different and unique and no two trainings are ever the same. This afforded the team an opportunity to mix and be part of the group and familiarise with the different personalities present. There was much to learn and understand from the facilitators and this certainly made parting at the end for some quite difficult as this was now one big family. This gives the more reason for the mentoring program as people continue to maintain that family closeness and fellowship and CABSA better achieves its objectives!
Time was taken to ensure people understand the training content and what it is they are getting involved in as well as what will be required from them after the training. Language challenges existed as there were people from different countries whose main languages did not include English. Special attention was paid to such even at assessment time so that they are kept on the same page with the rest of the group.
Training was enjoyable, well appreciated by facilitators who also were very anxious because of the assessments they were to do. At the end some wanted to stay on. A fire was certainly lit in the lives of individuals and they were passionate about going on to spread this fire and the new passion they had to serve God, their churches and communities in a better way, though this was to be a first for others. 
The Special Evening
It was indeed a special evening. Right from the way the place was set and decorated by La Verna staff, to the food they cooked and the special items prepared by individuals and groups, just to make it a great success and let of all the assessment anxiety. It was interesting to have it all MC'd by one of the facilitators. The dance by the training team was also enjoyed by all, including the team itself.
In all, the training was administered and conducted very well.
By Minie
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