Kimiad Churches Channel of Hope Facilitators Training 17-23 October 2012

Web report for KIMIAD TTF 17-23 October 2012

This TTF between AIDSLink and CABSA was really a dream come true as we are always excited when we co-host trainings with our partner organisations. We started praying and trusting God for many blessings for the training. We were trusting God for the right people with right attitudes to attend the training and also for a strong and capable training team. What a blessing it was to have a training team that was focused and very united in everything we did.

All the planning and preparation went as planned and we were grateful to AIDSLink who did all the ground work including that of booking the venue and making sure that all the logistics for this training were taken care of.

The training started with everyone being in high spirits as the training team assembled already on Tuesday afternoon for all the preparations. When Wednesday came and all participants had arrived our journey together with them had begun.

We had a very diverse group of individuals coming from different parts of the world, with AIDSLink and CABSA having recruited 15 participants and three training team members each. The mixes of the culture, age, experience was evident in the group as we all learned from one another and just experience each other’s world views. The group was firm and knowledgeable yet everyone was open to new learning and allowed their attitudes and mindsets to be challenged. In the process participants discovered how to be channels of God’s hope in this world with HIV.

One participant had this to say about the training:

This training program has opened my eyes to how HIV and AIDS is impacting my community, the community nearby, South Africa, Africa and the rest of the World. It has motivated me and given me more confidence to share the information received. I have realized through the training that it is no longer about “THEM” that are HIV positive and “US” who are HIV negative, but that this is our problem which requires to be approached with togetherness, compassion, truth and without stigma.

The venue where the training was held was good, the staff and the manager their hospitality was exceptional and treated us very well during our stay. We had rain and it was windy at times and in one of the days we had hail storm that lasted for 15 minutes, but through it all we were blessed.

We were blessed and we thank God for a new beginning and a new journey of towards becoming HIV and AIDS competent faith communities for the world living and affected with HIV.

Written by: Jerry Sesoko


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