Feedback on Churches, Channels of Hope Facilitator Training

Read a few short response of participants in the Churches Channels of Hope Facilitators Training.  More comprehensive feedback from a few facilitators is available below:

In October 2012 I took the CABSA "Churches, Channels of Hope" Facilitators Training course, which ended up exceeding my expectations. Seven years ago I'd taken my first (basic) HIV training, but I quickly realized HIV education is a field which has changed much in the past years. Thankfully, CABSA has kept their material up-to-date and extremely relative. The trainers gave excellent feedback during our facilitation training sessions and created a safe environment where we could learn and ask questions. We were pushed out of our comfort zones some days and had our world-views challenged on others. The CCOH is a comprehensive course that I highly recommend to anyone. Thank you, CABSA!
Heather L.
USA/South Africa

It is 14 months now since I was trained as a facilitator. I am using channels of Hope Facilitator’s manual of which you and Logy Murray are authors. I have been involved in HIV and AIDS trainings, counseling, advocacy and Home based care programs since the year 2000, but I should confess that this particular manual that you compiled has both challenged me to give myself more to HIV and AIDS programs as well as making me a better and effective facilitator.
The presentation compiled in this manual is excellent.
Allow me to say, “THANK YOU FOR THE JOB WELL DONE” God bless you and your family.
Our news letter has stories on how Bishops, pastors and many other Christians and the rest have been transformed by our teaching we present in the HIV and AIDS workshops. Many churches are now involved in advocacy, care and support of the OVC’s.
Pastor Patrick Siabuta
Western Kenya
The workshops processes themselves are always very dramatic. They are usually begun with very stigmatize and discriminative situation, shown by the pretest, hypothetical scenario and agree or disagree session, but changed drastically after 3 situations, stigma and story from PLWH session, shown by the post test. I think this is one of the best workshop model that not only reaches participant's cognitive but also touches the deepest part of their heart to understand what other people really feel in their utmost sorrow and give response in more positive way.
Candra Wijaya
World Vision Indonesia
It was a fruitfull and informative workshop which is very much instrumental in encouraging one to take action against this pandemic . I am ready for action and thanks for your encouragement that I should attend the course . The training was professionally run, accommodation & hospitality superb and the facilitators knew axactly what they were doing .
Patrick Manzini
South Africa Jul 2008 
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CABSA Churches, Channels of Hope Impact Report 2013

103 Facilitators trained by CABSA in the Churches, Channels of Hope programme provided annual feedback forms. You can read more about their reports in the attached analysis.

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CABSA Churches, Channels of Hope Impact Report: 2012/2013

In 2013 CABSA was priviliged to have the services of a Dutch intern, Ms Rhodé Janssen, for three months. As part of her activities with the organisation, she compiled an Impact Report evaluating the impact of the Churches, Channels of Hope Facilitator Training from different perspectives.

You can read the full evaluation below.

As you can see in this photo, Rhodé went back to the Netherlands with Africa in her heart and in her hairstyle, and we hope to welcome her back for a longer stay  in 2014.

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Article by Faith Cassim, Churches, Chanels of Hope Facilitator Training, October 2012

“Walk in a manner worthy of the calling with which you have been called." (Eph.4:1)

By: Faith Cassim

To fulfil the high calling which God has placed upon us in creating us and redeeming us, we must have the right inner substance or character. We must come to grips with who we really are, inside and out. For we will do what we are. So we will need to become the kind of people who routinely and easily walk in the goodness and power of Jesus our Master. For this, a process of "spiritual formation"—really, transformation—is required.

I was one of the very blessed participants by the grace of almighty God, to attend the “Channels of Hope” workshop in Heidelberg with the focused on HIV/AIDS! I came out humbled! When I came back to the office I presented at our feedback meeting. I shared with the team how this workshop made me realize that I still have a long way to go as a child of God in being transformed, to be fully equipped to facilitate transformation in the lives of others! Spiritual formation for the Christian is a Spirit-driven process of forming the inner world of the human self –our "spiritual" side—in such a way that it becomes like the inner being of Christ himself. In the degree to which such a spiritual transformation to inner Christlikeness is successful. The outer life of the individual will become a natural expression or outflow of the character and teachings of Jesus.

This has been a week of learning the true importance of drawing people unto Christ. What stood out for me clearly for me as an individual was the emotional and psychological pain WE sometimes as the body of Christ inflicts on Gods people and how much it grieves God! Christlikeness of the inner being is not a merely human attainment. It is, finally, a gift of grace.

Nevertheless, well-informed human effort is indispensable. Spiritual formation in Christ is not a passive process. Grace does not make us passive. Divine grace is God acting in our lives to accomplish what we cannot do on our own. It informs our being and actions and makes them effective in the wisdom and power of God. Hence, grace is not opposed to effort (in actions) but to earning (an attitude) and that’s what we (the body of Christ) really need to serve in this utmost important HIV field.

May we never forget that it is "By the grace of God that we serve in this area and he has called us for a time such as this. The supernatural outcome that accompanies grace-full actions should stand out at all times. Spiritual formation in Christ is the way of rest for the weary and over-loaded, of the easy yoke and the light burden (Matt. 11:28-30), of cleaning the inside of the cup and the dish (Matt. 23:26), of the good tree that cannot bear bad fruit (Luke 6:43). It is the path along which God’s commandments are found not to be "heavy." (1 John 5:3)

Christian spiritual transformation in the various dimensions of the human being, need to be clear about the general pattern that all effective efforts toward personal transformation,  not just Christian spiritual formation—must follow. Because we are active participants in the process, and because what we do or do not do makes a huge difference. Our efforts must be based on understanding.  Jesus indeed said that without him we can do nothing. (John 15:5) But we can also be sure that if we do nothing it will be without him. So he commands us to "abide in the Vine." (15:1-7). Often it is so important to Christians to speak the truth (according to our perceptions) when we deal with HIV… but do we do so in love drawing all men unto Christ? This seems to be an area where the church needs healing. We must find a way to do that. Christ died for all of us including our HIV infected brothers and sisters!

“Since we stand before so great a cloud of witnesses, let us lay aside every encumbrance, and the sin which so easily entangles us, and let us run with endurance the race that is set before us, with our eyes set on Jesus, who initiated our faith and will bring it to perfection."

(Heb. 12:1-2)

"There is no good tree which produces bad fruit….

The good man out of the good stored up in his heart, brings forth what is good.

(Luke 6:43-45)


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Feedback from Participant at the Churches, Channel of Hope Training. 02/2010

I am going to try and explain to you why I did the training.... My training with CABSA is just the beginning of a journey for me, actually the FOUNDATION of my journey...

Just more than 5 years ago I was horrified to find out I was HIV infected by my husband.

I had so many questions at the time, I was on an emotional roller coaster. Given the circumstances, I was very angry with God. I spent many hours crying before the Lord, asking Him why me??? I do not want to expose my husband, so I prefer not to discuss the circumstances around it.

I started searching for answers and healing, especially looking for "validation" as my family and friends became almost non existent. I then attended a spiritual retreat with Rhetha McPherson Ministries and while listening to her talking, I heard someone say "HE STRIPPED YOU, TO EQUIP YOU:"   At that moment I realised  that our Father actually gave me a very powerful tool to use and decided to change my thoughts of dying of aids, around to thoughts of living with aids for God, and I know as long as I have the Fathers heart and my relationship with Him is alive, HE WILL keep my body healthy for me to be able to be a small part of His Hands and feet...... 

Sadly I realised that none of our churches in our community, has a support / care centre for HIV infected people, because this topic is not addressed in church and people still distinguish between "innocent" and "guilty" and because of this, people are afraid to reach out for help, for love - because they fear rejection. I myself needed support - I also wanted to feel "validated" as my close friends and most family pushed me aside because I chose to stay with my husband, rather than leave him.

I now believe and know that AIDS is the single greatest opportunity the church has today to show the size of its heart and to demonstrate the unconditional love of Christ.

I want to change the world around, so that everybody, regardless of race, sex, illness will experience the love of Christ. 

So I started phoning around and searching the Webb for an organisation that could provide me with the skills and information, to get me started, but nowhere did I find the "compassion" and "hope" in the program when looking at the course outlay.  The most training provided is informative and is all about abstinence and safe sex and healthy life styles.

A friend in our prayer group put me in touch with the CABSA website!  She said I would find all I need there and more on the website....I started reading through various topics on the website and realised that the foundation of their training was based on Christianity and the love of Christ towards others! I immediately knew this was it!!!! I had to attend this training - this was almost 2 years ago. When I enquired it was already held that year in some country in Africa and they were not sure when the next one was to be held. I completed the necessary documentation and ensured they received it! Almost a year had gone by, and in the meantime I have been visiting aids orphanage on Saturday's to play with the children and extend loving arms to them - by doing this I could give them what I had so much of and receive what I needed so much of - UNCONDITIONAL LOVE!.... it became therapeutic for me.

Few weeks ago when I received the e-mail from CABSA I was overwhelmed, anxious to attend, but I was financially restricted and had to pray and ask Father to provide for me - which HE did without any effort !   When the sponsorships came in, I knew the Lord has opened this door for me - there was light at the end of the tunnel for me, I knew that I knew that I knew, THIS IS THE OPPORTUNITY FATHER IS GIVING ME TO SHINE HIS LIGHT OF LOVE in this dark world of war and hatred and judgement.  Once again, once we started the training, one of the very first topics we discussed was to "be the light" of the world and to shine for HIM - to me this was confirmation again that I was where I had to be.  Then one of the facilitators, an awesome man of God,by the name of TUNDE spoke to us and said "You are all here because God intended it for u to be here" - well, at that time I felt like falling flat on my face before the Lord and crying out to Him and thanking Him for the opportunity, for entrusting ME, MY LIFE me, my life, in the loving hands of these facilitators.

 The foundation of this training is LOVE, the unconditional LOVE of GOD. When I started searching for training on/in HIV and AIDS I asked myself the question, what is it that I as an infected person wants to know or hear when attending a course like this?  What do I want to hear from people who teach on this topic???   I want LOVE, I want ENCOURAGEMENT and I want HOPE!!!!!! I found these components in the training CABSA provides.

1. My impression of CABSA

 Very well structured, comprehensive and reliable love based, non discriminating, informative, endless resource of HIV and AIDS related topics.  CABSA to me, for me is the "mother ship" of information, the structural "base" of my HIV and AIDS knowledge, and a trustworthy and reliable "hand" at any time if I might need one.

2. Am I going to implement what I have learned?

Yes mam!!  The training has given me the extensive knowledge and skills on facilitating -  now its up to me to put those skills to work. I will start by stepping out and extending my arms and hands to those who are needy of such and encourage to be the voice for those who are afraid to speak - I will take the first step - I will encourage the youth thru school visits, support groups that there is hope for all of us and that we as Christians need to be aware and sensitive to the ones around us - one of our friends might be fighting a battle of his own knowing he/she is infected but afraid to reach out for help due to the stigma attached.

3. How I benefited from it?

Wow, the fruits of this training will be endless - this training was the "pushing hand" I needed to enable me to step out and admit my status in front of all the participants after the training and at the same time experience the unconditional Love of God surround me - there was no judgement, no condemnation. It felt like coming home after a being away from home for a very long time......

 There is so much work to be done in the midst of this HIV and AIDS pandemic - the harvest is big, but the workers are few, We as the church should embrace AIDS, the way Christ embraces us.

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My God Hour - Feedback from Janine Ward, CCoH Training March 2011

My God Hour – CCOH, 5 March 2011

Walking around La Verna and following the Stations of the Cross, God spoke to me in the following ways, through things I picked up or saw along the way.

acorn – I am only a small acorn at this stage, but I can grow into a big oak tree. CABSA’s training is the starting point to planting a seed.



The creeping flower – the creeper may be weak on its own but if it holds onto a bush, it grows well and flowers beautifully. As channels of hope, we can “hold onto” the CABSA family and flourish. 

At this point there was a cross showing Christ falling, carrying the cross. Our journey will not be smooth – there will be times when we might stumble but we must persevere.

I also kept hearing doves calling from different trees – these are the calls for help from the many communities around us.


Fallen leaves – these represent the many lives that have been lost to Aids. The big leaf represents the adults we know, and the small leaf represents the children lost to Aids.

Here was also a cross showing Jesus comforting the women in Jerusalem. The pain of losing people we know and love to Aids is heavy, but we can draw our comfort from Jesus


 Networking – these seeds are each growing out in a different direction, but they all start from the same stem.

In the same way, we need to network and stay connected to each other through CABSA, so that although we may be in different parts of the world and do different activities, we remain connected in purpose.


Blooming flower – this symbolizes our successes and triumphs along the way. We should not be shy to celebrate these, as this is what motivates us to keep going.

The dogs came to bark at me through the fence as I walked past the staff quarters – this made me think of stigma and how society “barks” at people they see as different.


 Broken twig – symbolizes Christ’s crucifixion. He died for us all. It also reminded that me that we are the broken body of Christ.

Throughout the walk, I could hear the long repetitive call of the Crested Barbet. This reminded me that God is always with us, we can hear Him all the time if we stop to listen.


Pine buds and a feather– the pine buds symbolize new life, the feather symbolizes hope (just as Noah found hope in the olive branch that was carried back to the ark by the bird), and I picked these up just after the cross that showed Christ’s resurrection.

We have new life and hope in the risen Christ.




As I ended my God hour, I came back to the training room walking alongside the Vaal River. In Psalm 23 God “leads us by the quiet waters” and He promises to stay with us throughout even the valley of the shadow of death – His rod and His staff shall comfort us.

What a promise and what strength we can gain from that!

Janine Ward
La Verna Retreat Centre, Gauteng
CCOH training
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Feedback from Namane Tsoeleng. 02/2010

PDF icon NamaneTsoeleng_Feedback.pdf196.24 KB

Namane (also known as Simon) describes this training as follows: "It was like God took us aside for a week just to change our attitude".  Read the rest of his feedback in the attached letter

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Channels of Hope - A Poem

Written by Peter Fusire
Reflections of a life to come,
Reflections of our internal strife,
Convictions to do good,
Hoping for a just society,
To bring happiness,
To suffering masses,
Infected and affected by HIV and AIDS,
In need of love and compassion,
Hoping for a life of hope,
Denied by stigma and discrimination.
Inter-faith meetings abound,
To bring hope,
Hope they justly require,
To make them smile,
Smile for a better future,
A future they look at with bleak eyes,
Eyes crying for help,
Help we shall give,
As Channels of Hope.
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