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We provide links to Christian HIV and AIDS related organisations, general HIV sites and organisations and a few general Christian sites.  We provide these links as a service, but do not necessarily support or endorse all information in all these sites.

If you are interested in reciprocal links between this website and your organisations website, please contact Lyn

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HIV and Faith Communities

Links to faith based organisations responding to HIV.  CABSA does not necessarily support all the statements and actions of these organisations.

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Christian Connections for International Health - CCIH

CCIH - Christian Connections for International Health is a member organization, founded in 1987, of 132 Christian organizations, 33 secular affiliates and about 300 individuals.

CCIH promotes international health and wholeness from a Christian perspective through the exchange of information, networking, advocacy, dialogue, research, fellowship and partnership building. Services include an annual conference, five listservs (News, AIDS, ABCplus, Christian Hospitals, Haiti) and a website dedicated to sharing information about Christian international health, including the activities of the individuals and organizations in our network.  

Through participation in conferences, meetings and other fora, CCIH ensures that a voice which promotes the value and potential of the faith-based international health community is heard and considered. In addition to sharing information and raising awareness, CCIH encourages collaboration among its membership and within the wider Christian community, as well as between faith-based organizations and local, national, international and multinational communities. Community Health, HIV Prevention and Family Planning are current emphases of the organization.

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Christian HIV/AIDS Alliance.

Christian HIV/AIDS Alliance is a network of Christian agencies, churches and individuals praying and working together to serve and empower those affected by HIV/AIDS. Their vision is to see a mobilised UK Christian community which is aware of and active in compassionate Christian responses to the global HIV/AIDS pandemic.



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Collaborative for HIV and AIDS, Religion and Theology - CHART

PDF icon CHART_VI_bibliog_Jan2012.pdf3.3 MB

CHART - Collaborative for HIV and AIDS, Religion and Theology was founded in 2007 and is a collaborative space for research, reflection and engagement i n the School of Religion and Theology (SoRaT), University of KwaZulu-Natal. It seeks to coordinate current HIV and AIDS research initiatives in the School and to promote new ways of engaging with the pandemic from a religious and theological point of view.

CHART initiated an international research project entitled "The Cartography of HIV and AIDS, Religion and Theology." The primary purpose of this project is to survey and analyse what has already been done in the interface between religion and theology, HIV and AIDS, and identify the gaps that remain. An important part of this analytical work is the collaborative development of an Annotated Bibliography. An on-going project, this bibliography will not only act as a key indicator of the work already done on the interface of religion and HIV, but is an essential tool in both present and future research for academic researchers and practitioners in the field.

Download the 2012 bibliography below.

Visit the CHART Facebook page here


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Ecumenical Advocacy Alliance

The Ecumenical Advocacy Alliance is a broad ecumenical network for international cooperation in advocacy on global trade and HIV and AIDS.
CABSA is proud to be an EAA partner.



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Ecumenical HIV and AIDS Initiative in Africa (EHAIA)

EHAIAEHAIA was launched in 2002 to enable churches in Africa to access information, training, resources and make contact with other churches and bodies working in the same field to help them deal with AIDS in their communities.

Visit their website for a wide selection of resources on the church and HIV, HIV competent faith communities and gender.

From 2014 the programme will be known as Ecumenical HIV and AIDS Initiative and Advocacy

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eThembeni (Place of hope)

Ethembeni, which means ‘Places of Hope’, and has the following mission statement: ‘To provide spiritual, emotional and practical assistance to families affected by HIV & AIDS in the Mpophomeni area through the provision of home based care, family support with a focus on vulnerable children and residential care for terminally ill people.’

Ethembeni has four specific programmes at present, a residential care unit, a family support programme, the Mpophomeni Family Centre working with orphans and vulnerable children and the mentoring of community based organisations. Today our family support program provides a holistic intervention incorporating not only home based care for the sick but also food security, income generation and psychosocial support. On average, we visit 45 - 50 families a month totalling over 200 adults and children.

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Family Impact

Family Impact exists to spread a passion for the supremacy of God in family life and relationships. Healthy family life is important to individual fulfilment, social stability and sustainable development , especially in the context of HIV and AIDS.  As a Christian organization we are confident that family is not an endangered species because family is rooted in God's character and in His creation.  Our vision is that God's plan for the family and relationships is accepted as the norm in Africa as families delight in Jesus and celebrate life together.

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FLAEM provides HIV/AIDS education and biblical teaching on marriage, the family and sexuality. FLAEM's facilitators train and mentor church leaders, church members, school teachers and community leaders, empowering them to be agents of compassion and change in their communities. Family Life and Aids Education Ministry was founded in response to the pressing need for sound Biblical teaching on Family Life and the AIDS pandemic. FLAEM was registered in Malawi on 17th March 2000 under the Trustees Incorporation Act.

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Hands at Work

Hands@Work is a Christian non-profit organisation working in vulnerable communities across sub-Saharan Africa where HIV/AIDS, poverty and numbers of orphans are highest and support structures are very low. We help the local church in those communities to effectively care for the orphaned and vulnerable. Our ministry is to all those in need, regardless of race, class or religion

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HARC - the HIV, AIDS and Religion Collaborative

HARC is an international community that brings together researchers who are concerned with the interface between HIV and religion. HARC’s members come from different academic disciplines and different professional perspectives. Many of them are based in academic situations, both religious and otherwise. But what makes their work useful and relevant is the degree to which they connect with those whose primary focus is advocacy or care: concerns which in themselves need good research to support their work.

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HospiVision is a faith-based organization specializing in psycho-social and spiritual care, counseling and training, as well as physical support, in the health-care environment. HospiVision presents a value based HIV and AIDS program for faith communities called “Choose life” (Funded by USAID). CABSA was instrumental in designing the course material and coordinates the “Choose life” program in the Western Cape.

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Khothatsong means “place of comfort”.

The mission of the Khothatsong Aids Committee is to assist in the physical and spiritual care of people affected and infected by the HIV/Aids pandemic.

Khothatsong is a Christian organisation and we provide care for people infected or affected by HIV/Aids on Christian principles.

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Mfesane is a Christian development agency established to empower the poor and disabled to achieve their full potential and participation in society.






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The Pietermaritzburg Agency for Christian Social Awareness (PACSA) is an independent ecumenical non-governmental organisation committed to the transformation of our society based on principles of freedom, equality, human dignity and mutual respect.

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Positive Hearts

Vision Statement:
Reaching out and taking hands to enrich and uplift communities, to better the quality of their lives through HIV and AIDS education and the distribution of basic needs to those less fortunate.
Mission Statement:
To educate as many people as possible in all communities about HIV and AIDS, having workshops and support groups to develop their knowledge into living a better and healthier lifestyle. Through sponsorship we also wish to provide those less fortunate with essential basic needs.


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Prisma is an association of Christian organisations active in international aid and welfare development who regard eradication of poverty as a communal responsibility. By dialogue and co-operation with one another they want to strengthen their fight against poverty in the world.

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Scripture Union Zimbabwe

Scripture Union Zimbabwe is an autonomous organistion in each country, linked together by Scripture Union International. It is primarily a volunteer organisation with a small number of full-time staff training, encouraging and coordinating ministry workers around the world.

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Southern African Catholic Bishops Conference AIDS Office

The SACBC AIDS Office, opened in January 2000, helps to co-ordinate the Catholic Church response to HIV and AIDS in South Africa, Swaziland and Botswana.  Underpinning the response are the principles of Catholic Social Teaching which recognises the dignity of every human being, the sanctity of life and solidarity.

Catholic Medical Mission Board (New York) in partnership with the Bristol Myers Squibb initiative in Southern Africa (including  Namibia and Lesotho for some time), and Catholic Relief Services (the service arm of the US Conference of Catholic Bishops) provided the initial funding to allow the Catholic Church to scale up its response to AIDS in the most devastated region of Sub-Saharan Africa. Support also came from European Catholic doors agencies as well as from other donors.  The Church has supported programmes across a continuum, awareness raising, education and prevention,  home based care, and care for orphaned and vulnerable children.

Throughout the network of service programmes  there has been an emphasis on training and capacity building at local level, on retreats and horizontal learning opportunities, on developing networking opportunites and sharing best practice models.  The SACBC AIDS Office encourages collaboration at all levels with various inter-faith groups, NGOs, the private sector and government departments to facilitate the provision of services to those in need.

In 2004  Catholic Relief Services  was awarded a PEPFAR grant to support treatment in nine countries and the SACBC AIDS Office became the major partner and implementing arm of the programme in South Africa.  Treatment sites (plus satellite centres) were established, clinical and support personnel were trained, and patients were initiated on treatment.  In 2009 the PEPFAR grant was “transitioned” from Catholic Relief Services to the SACBC AIDS Office.  In the second phase of “transitioning” some patients are being transferred to Department of Health clinics, while others are receiving antiretroviral  medication provided by the Department of Health at Church sites.  By the end of 2011, the SACBC/CRS programme had initiated more than 40 000 patients on ARV treatment.

Over much of the same period PEPFAR support has also enabled the SACBC AIDS Office to support about forty sites (plus satellite centres) providing a number of services to orphaned and vulnerable children.  Over the life of the programme more than forty thousand children have received educational, health care, paralegal, shelter, nutritional and other support.

Prevention education, and training for youth, children and adults is provided at local project level and includes programmes such as “Education for Life.”  Prevention education is also a strong component of the treatment programme.

A tuberculosis screening programme in various places helps identify patients in need of referrals for further intervention, either at Church sites or in neighbouring Department of Health Clinics. Home based care services and the follow up referrals to treatment sites continue in a number of areas.  Over many years home based care services have been the backbone of the Church’s response to AIDS.  Now that treatment is more widely available in the country, it is possible to refer patients from home based care services elsewhere for treatment.

Funding from Homeplan and other donors is supporting the  construction of simple two-roomed houses in rural areas for orphaned children and their caregivers, in South Africa and Swaziland.

Both Swaziland and Botswana have AIDS programmes directly supported by PEPFAR and other donors.

Church strengths include its communication network, even to remote areas;  the faith commitment and response of thousands of ordinary people to the needs around them; people’s enthusiasm in embracing opportunities to serve those in need;  working in  new partnerships to do the work and embracing new forms of health care and education.



Khanya House

399 Paul Kruger Street

PO Box 941

Pretoria 0001

Tel: 012 323 6458

Fax:  012 326 4309


Director:  Sr Alison Munro

Visit our website:




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Strategies for Hope.

Congratulations to our partners at Strategies for Hope, who have now produced over a million copies of their excellent books and videos on HIV and AIDS care, support and prevention.

Click here for more about what they provide.

Strategies for Hope materials are available in several languages and aim to promote informed, effective, community-based approaches to HIV and AIDS, particularly in sub-Saharan Africa. These include the Called to Care toolkit of practical handbooks for use by church leaders, the Stepping Stones training package on gender, communication and relationship skills, and the video What Can I Do? featuring the HIV ministry of Canon Gideon Byamugisha of Uganda.

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Swaziland Reformed Church and Shiselweni Reformed Church Home-Based Care

Visit the webpage of the Swaziland Reformed Church to read about the work they do and the challenges they face.

 You can also read the wonderful story of Shiselweni Reformed Church Home-Based Care





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uMephi Project

uMephi is a programme that was founded by the AFM Executive Welfare Council to help children in need. uMephi strives to improve the quality of life of children in need, irrespective of race, religion or nationality. “uMephi” was derived from the Bible story in which Mephiboseth, son of Jonathan was orphaned, disabled and had to beplaced in “alternative care”.  A child who had nobody whom he could call his own and had to live with the shame of his and his parents past. Mephiboseth was also a child who was rescued, through the kindness of God shown through the King, who was re-instated in his position as ‘n person who had worth, who had his own land and who could live the rest of his life with dignity.

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Wola Nani.

The core business of Wola Nani is the provision of psychosocial support to HIV infected persons. Through a counselling and case management approach, coupled with skills training and income generation opportunities, they can attain the necessary skills to help themselves achieve a better quality of life. Complementary holistic family and community support includes support groups, child health monitoring and day care, plus home based care to help families look after their loved ones living with the disease.



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General HIV Related Sites

 CABSA and CARIS provide these links as a service to our users and does not endorse or support all the programmes and viewpoints of these organisations

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AIDSPortal is a global information sharing network, facilitated by technology, and driven by people. AIDSPortal provides simple tools to support global collaboration and knowledge sharing among new and existing networks of people responding to the AIDS epidemic. The resource library is organised around key policy and financing initiatives (such as Universal Access), key programmatic issues (such as Orphans and Vulnerable Children) and regions and countries (including a page on South Africa).

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info4africa (formerly HIVAN/HIV-911) specialises in data collection and referrals to over 12 000 health, wellbeing and development support services across South Africa. ​ info4africa also creates networking opportunities for service providers to more effectively connect with one another, locate and recommend supplementary support services for their clients.


Call us on: 0860 448 911
SMS us on: 45080
Search the info4africa Directory from your mobile handset by calling:
*130*448#(Please note that this service is free on all networks, except Vodacom. Vodacom subscribers to call *120*448# at 60 cents a call.) Order a hard-copy provincial directory by calling 031 260 3052


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Children and young people with life-limiting or life-threatening conditions have very specific and unique palliative care needs, often different to those of adults. The International Children’s Palliative Care Network (ICPCN) shares a vision that these total needs should be met to encompass physical, emotional, spiritual and developmental aspects of care.


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SAfAIDS mission is to be a centre of excellence that promotes effective and ethical development responses to Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights, HIV (including PMTCT) and TB through advocacy, communication and social mobilisation.


SAfAIDS vision is to ensure that all people in Africa realize their sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR) and are free from the burden of HIV, TB and other related developmental health issues.

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General Faith and NGO Related Sites - no particular HIV Focus

CABSA and CARIS provide these links as a service to our users and does not endorse or support all the programmes and viewpoints of these organisations

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Bible Media

Bible Media conveys the message of the Bible through all available print and electronic media. It produces high-quality products to meet believers’ spiritual needs and to reach people with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Visit Bible Media's website

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Charity SA - South Africa's charities represented in one - South Africa's charities represented in one place

One of the valuable partners of Charitysa is - travel South Africa, Southern Africa and the rest of the World

Share this delivers the gospel through e-media
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Connect Network

Connect Network facilitates the networking of Christian organizations, Churches and individuals to empower, equip, unite, optimize, train, support, encourage and share resources to enhance the Christian response to Women and Children at risk in Cape Town so that each one has the opportunity to become all that God intends them to be. This is done through collaboration on common issues, Quality Improvement System where members commit to improving the quality of their organisation in a peer learning environment, Advocacy and network forums.

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CrossConnections.Net is a Durban based Internet networking ministry that connect people of the cross. Their information exchange platform will allow more of us to know (a) Who the Holy Spirit is leading to do What, When and Where (WWWW) and to (b) Connect, Communicate, Collaborate and Coordinate (CCCC).

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 “Diakonia Council of Churches is an ecumenical agency inspired by the Holy Spirit to serve the local churches, striving towards a transformed society.”





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Die Gereformeerde Kerke in Suid-Afrika

Die Gereformeerde Kerke in Suid Afrika bied meer inligting oor hulle belydenis, bediening en publikasies op hulle webblad.





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Kyk gerus by, die webwerf vir gelowiges!




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Good News Media

Good News Media - Ministry to non-readers in Southern Africa: GNM produces audio-visual media containing the message of the Bible in the vernacular, and assists individuals, churches and organisations to be part of God’s mission to the world.
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Micah Network

The Micah Network is a group of 300 Christian relief, development and justice organisations from 75 countries. Micah Network was formed in 1999 with the aims to: 

1. Build capacity

2. Encourage integral mission 

3. Advocate
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NG Kerk

Op 01 Augustus 2006 is die blinknuwe kraakvars webblad van die NG Kerk in die kuberruim geloots.





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NG Kerk: Teologiese Fakulteit

Die webblad van Fakulteit Teologie, Universiteit van Pretoria bedien primêr predikante van die Nederduitsch Hervormde Kerk en die Nederduitse Gereformeerde Kerk .

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Organisation for Paediatric Support in South Africa (OPSSA)

The Organisation for Paediatric Support in South Africa (OPSSA) is a non-profit organisation that started with activities in 2011 in order to empower children and their families in healthcare. Although medical science and technology advanced rapidly over the last years, sadly enough the psychosocial support of children in healthcare lagged far behind. Children often find hospitalisation and other healthcare experiences very traumatic: they don’t have any control over what is happening around them and to their bodies, they don’t understand what is happening and often even harbour a lot of misconceptions about the experience. The aim of OPSSA is first of all to promote quality healthcare for all children by creating awareness for the plight of children in healthcare and to provide healthcare workers and parents with information on how to support children during a healthcare experience. Information is also provided to children so that they can understand their own bodies, what is happening to them and what their specific illness is all about.

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Search 2 Support – where every search is a good deed

The idea behind is to make it as easy as possible for people to support charities online – one search at a time.

Searching for information on the internet is probably one of the most common activities in the world today. Users can now build their own customised search engines with Google – these search engines will still provide the exact same results as regular Google searches does. therefore decided to launch our very own custom search engine. What makes different? Well, every time you search for information using your search is sponsored and this income is used to keep online, pay for development and marketing as well as supporting charities in South Africa.

And every search will give you the same results as so there really is no reason not to make the switch to

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RSS Feeds from CABSA

Would you like to embed an RSS feed from CABSA in your website? In this way you ensure that you also have the most recent HIV news available. Insert the line of code below into your website to insert a feed like the one on this page or click on the button and follow the simple guide to create a custom feed.

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Embed RSS

You can also use this alternative (see script below): 

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We also provide a focus on gender

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RSS Feed for Gender Related News and Resources

You can find a gender focused RSS feed - a list of most recently posted items on gender on the CABSA website -


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