CCoH TRAINING Marianhill Retreat Center, KZN 03/2016

CCoH TRAINING (6-12 March 2016)

CABSA in partnership with the (KZNCC) Kwa-Zulu Natal Christian Council hosted a training of facilitators in KZN. This training was held at the Marrianhill Roman Catholic Retreat Centre.

We had six facilitators that was really inspirational and influential under the leadership of Minenhle Moyo. One of the participants said; “You have changed my life with all.” CABSA has over the past 14 years been equipping the Christian community and in the process have built a facilitator team that not only facilitate trainings and workshops locally but has become renowned in the Southern African Region and beyond.                   

The CABSA program was written to assist faith communities in their journeys towards HIV competence. Thereby CABSA is committed to equip participants with the necessary knowledge, skills and help in shaping appropriate attitudes, to model the indiscriminant love of Christ as channels of hope. CABSA is also committed to share their resources in response to the needs created by HIV and AIDS.

While the participants were predominantly from KZN, we further had two from the Western Cape, one from Gauteng and one from the Angola. The group consisted out of 6 females and 18 males who participated with a hunger to find out more and to have much of their uncertainties answered.

One pastor made the statement; “There is really not a division between us and them, there is really just an ‘us’.” speaking to the segregation that society made between those living with HIV and those who don’t.

One participant made a remark during the session on stats; “We are not exposed to these numbers in our villages, but what I see here is that my village is a microcosm of what is happening in our country and in the world. I can change the world by starting at home.”

Participants left the training with an excitement to implement the new found knowledge. We have already in their short term planning heard positive remarks of coming together to do workshops in the various communities. 

We want to say thank you to the dedicated team of facilitators who expanded our horizons as they led us into discovering new frontiers of competencies and encouraged us to be channels of hope in our faith communities and beyond.

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