30 Ideas for Your Church Becoming Engaged in Combating the HIV and AIDS Epidemic

Over 30 million people are infected with HIV and AIDS around the world

We have been experiencing the global AIDS pandemic for 30 years, now moving into the 4th decade

Yet most churches and most people are unwilling to spend 30 minutes discussing the topic or to promote education, prevention, care, and treatment.

Will you help make a difference:

1.        Recognize World AIDS Day (December 1) in your church.

2.       Host a World AIDS Day Event.

3.       Invite an HIV and AIDS leader to speak at your church.

4.      Place HIV and AIDS educational materials in a display in your church. There are good factual materials and good materials available.

5.       Educate yourself about HIV and AIDS

6.      Collect some information for your pastor to read.

7.       Set aside some prayer time at your church during National Week of Prayer for the Healing of AIDS (the first full week in March)

8.      Partner with a local AIDS service organization to provide assistance to people living with HIV and AIDS in your community.

9.       Challenge your church to set aside some funds to provide assistance locally to people living with AIDS. (gas vouchers, food cards, utility bill assistance), as well as being involved in global projects.

10.    Host an HIV/AIDS Support Group.

11.     Make your building available to the AIDS community for meeting space. Provide snacks!

12.    Teach your congregation about HIV and AIDS.

13.     Pray for people who live with HIV and AIDS both overseas and within your own community.

14.    Mention HIV and AIDS in your church bulletin or newsletter (World AIDS Day or National Week of Prayer for the Healing of AIDS or specific projects).

15.     Host an HIV testing event at your church.

16.    Include HIV and AIDS information whenever to do a health fair or missions event.

17.    Call the Executive Director of a local AIDS service organization and find out how your church can provide support.

18.    Send someone from your church to a local HIV and AIDS community planning meeting. Faith-based groups need to be

a part of the community!

19.    Find out what your church denomination is already doing to help people who live with HIV and AIDS.

20.   Ask your pastor to pray about HIV/AIDS from the pulpit.

21.    One of the best ways to become involved is to become educated. Learn more about HIV. Take the Samaritan Ministry HIV Quiz.

22.   Do a service project for people who have HIV and AIDS.

23.    Talk to your pastor about starting an HIV ministry in your church.

24.   Include HIV and AIDS materials in your youth group studies.

25.    Talk about HIV and AIDS in your bible study group or Sunday school class.

26.   Find out what HIV resources are already available in your community and explore how your church can fit in. What gaps exist? What does your church already do well?

27.   Host an AIDS Memorial Quilt display.

28.   Distribute copies of the special Upper Room “Prayers of Encouragement” designed for persons infected and affected by HIV and AIDS.   Available in almost 20 languages.

29.   Ask your pastor to preach a sermon about HIV and AIDS.

30.   Make a financial commitment to help an AIDS ministry locally or globally.


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