Ana van Eck – Feedback on Channels of Hope.

I was responsible for revising and editing the latest Portuguese edition of the CoH Facilitator’s Manual, and for translating new materials, and I also had the privilege of accompanying Logy Murray to Maputo recently. As an interpreter, my obvious role was to ensure the easy flow of information between Logy and her team of trainers and trainees. I also took the opportunity to consolidate my written work, making certain that the guide’s terminology follows the guidelines set by World Vision Mozambique.   

I am most grateful for the manner in which the World Vision staff welcomed my presence and readily agreed to contribute to my task.

As an academic with extensive teaching experience, both at UNISA and the University of the Witwatersrand, and as an external examiner at the University of Cape Town, please allow me to express my opinion on the CoH structure and content for I have seldom come across a course that is so solid and well conceived for its rigour and thoroughness.

Only the creative incorporation of techniques that are varied and dynamic allows for the flow and logic sequence of several topics that, under normal circumstances, would require a much longer period of time to be covered and properly understood.

The fact that the different components (from scientific detail to human and religious content) are so well interwoven and supported by a most enticing PowerPoint has ensured clarity throughout the presentations. This is further backed up by a very well conceived Manual and a Facilitator's CD!

Assessment and evaluation also impressed me and are very much in line with the general approach of the CoH programme which gives full attention to detail. The evaluation sheet is very well planned and complete, and takes into account, in total fairness, a variety of aspects and possibilities. I can only imagine the time and effort involved in its design - very much a reflection of the level of commitment of all parties involved.

CoH is, without a doubt, one of the best teaching/training tools that I have encountered and I have no hesitation in recommending it. I congratulate its authors and contributors heartily. May all very effectively harness their experience and resourcefulness to ensure the successful completion of their tasks.

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