Aneleh and Jerry @ Petals of Hope. 30/12/2012

On 30 November, CABSA was co-responsible for the first joint World AIDS Day initiative in Paarl, called Petals of Hope on the banks of the Berg River. Despite a very strong South Easterly wind, about 100 people attended the event. This included members of various organisations in the Drakenstein Health district, staff of the Electoral commission, Drakenstein Hospice, Anova and peer educators of Koinonia.

The guest speakers include the mayoral spokesperson, Dr Noel Adams, Patty Brooks – living openly with HIV and Pastor Jacko Pedro. The wind made it impossible to distribute any material, but the 200 plus red balloons and enormous AIDS ribbons made it quite a visual experience. Flowers were dropped into the Berg River to honour the memories of people who died of AIDS, but also in solidarity with those who live with HIV and work in the field.







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