Aneleh @ General Synod of the Calvyn Protestant Church. 21/6/2012

CABSA was privileged to be invited to bring a message to the 27th General Synod of the Calvyn Protestant Church of South Africa on the 21st of June 2012 in Athlone, Cape Town. We were one of eight guests to address the synod and CABSA was represented by Aneleh Fourie-Le Roux.

CABSA’s message focused on the relationship between the Calvin Protestant Church and CABSA that developed over many years and was also strongly linked to the commitment of the church to address HIV and AIDS in a meaningful way. Already in 2004 a formal Memorandum of Understanding and a Memorandum of Agreement were signed between CABSA and the Calvin Protestant Church. The Church was commended for their early and committed response to HIV and for their support of CABSA, but was also invited to revisit their HIV and AIDS policy document and look at it with fresh eyes within our present context and the challenges HIV and AIDS pose to us today.

The Synod was reminded that though we have become tired of the topic and though we are faced with numerous other challenges in our community, AIDS has not disappeared and it is still just as important and urgent for us to respond to it and CABSA would love to support them in this journey.

Apart from the formal session, it was also a wonderful opportunity for Aneleh to meet up with the 8 clergy of the church who over the past few years have participated in the Churches, Channels of Hope facilitator trainings and to be able to encourage one another again.

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