CABSA’s Vision for the Mentoring of Facilitators.

Regardless of the limited available resources for mentoring, it remains a  priority for CABSA to keep contact with trained facilitators and offer as much support as possible to strengthen their efforts as channels of hope as they embark on the often difficult process of mobilising churches and communities.

Why introduce a mentor programme?

One of the most important lessons that CABSA has learned since the introduction of the CABSA Churches, Channels of Hope programme, is that the training in itself is not sufficient to support and empower facilitators to be channels of hope in their different communities. Once facilitators arrive back home, they may experience many challenges and difficulties that could discourage them.

From the feedback we received from trained facilitators in the past we have learnt that:

  • Facilitators find it very hard to mobilise their faith communities
  • They often receive very limited support from their church leadership
  • Facilitators often become negative after a series of disappointments
  • Facilitators are not always sufficiently empowered to know where, when and how they could be a channel of hope and make a difference.

CABSA is convinced that in order to assist and support facilitators to have an improved impact on their communities and churches, a mentoring programme is essential. We thus made the decision to actively commit ourselves to promote the relationship between CABSA and “Churches, Channels of Hope” facilitators. With this mentoring programme we want to complement the initial training.

You can meet CABSA's Rgional Representatives, responsible for mentoring and various other functions in their area, here

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