CABSA and Advocacy - An Introduction

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We often hear about advocacy, and sometimes we who operate in the faith context or from faith based organisation are unsure of our involvement in advocacy issues.

Over the last months, the CABSA staff thought and talked about this quite a bit.

We are increasingly realising the overall theme of everything we do is in fact ‘advocacy’.  An advocacy role can be seen from different perspectives.  Many different definitions exist for advocacy.  To start with, I looked at the following:

Social Welfare Forum: "Advocacy means any action geared towards changing the policies, positions or programmes of any type of institution. Advocacy is about identifying a problem in a community, coming up with a solution to that problem, establishing strong support for that solution and providing an effective implementation plan."

Merriam -Webster Online Dictionary: "Advocating: the act or process of advocating or supporting a cause or proposal

Advocate = support (1): to promote the interests or cause of (2): to uphold or defend as valid or right (3): to argue or vote for."

CABSA sees very specific added dimensions to advocacy in faith based contexts.  We verbalised this as firstly “Standing in the Gap” and secondly “Being a Prophetic Voice.”

Join CABSA as we continue to explore this theme in future.  In this section we will highlight different opinions and approaches to advocacy and specific themes around which advocacy is necessary. 

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