CABSA and INERELA+ Present Training in the Use of the SAVE Toolkit

What is SAVE?
CABSA, INERELA+ and many of our partners promotes the ‘SAVE’ approach to HIV, a response that was originally formulated by the leaders of the African Network (ANERELA+). The SAVE approach provides a more holistic way of preventing HIV by incorporating the principles of the ABC (Abstinence, Be faithful and Condom use) as well as providing additional information about HIV transmission and prevention, providing support and care for those already infected and actively challenging the denial, stigma and discrimination so commonly associated with HIV.

SAVE Toolkit
The SAVE prevention methodology has been used and taught by INERELA+ for eight years and is finally available as a comprehensive toolkit. This toolkit systematically tackles the stigma, shame, denial, discrimination, inaction and misaction around HIV and AIDS, and comprehensively gives information related to HIV and methods of HIV transmission and how to mitigate these. A major challenge for faith leaders on HIV has been the lack of skills in addressing sex, sexuality and gender in their faith communities. This toolkit gives users a step by step methodology of addressing sensitive issues in an open, informative and non-stigmatising way which does not avoid otherwise difficult issues. (more info and a download link for the Toolkit can be found here)


CABSA and INERELA+ now have the opportunity to offer a three day training for churchleaders involved in HIV on the use of the toolkit.

Treaining will take place in Gaueteng and the Western Cape over the next few months, and in KwaZulu Natal in partnership with KZNCC.

More information will be provided in the announcement section of this website and in social media.

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