CABSA and World Vision TTF, Garden Lodge, Muldersdrift, 27 July - 3 August 2010

This training was very special for more than one reason. In the first place it was very special, because after working together in partnership for many years this was the first training that CABSA and World Vision have jointly hosted. Not only did Logy Murray’s dream of a joint training finally come, true, it was also organised in a very short time!

Secondly, this training has been very significant for me on a personal level. As an employee of CABSA I was afforded the opportunity to attend the training again as a participant not as a trainer, and this was done to afford me the opportunity to improve the level of my assessment so that I become a level 3 facilitator. It was really a blessing and a challenge being a student instead of the teacher.
Thirdly, we were very excited about the fact that the spouses of three of our CABSA Representatives participated in this training. We are therefore inviting real family into our family of facilitators and we believe in the process the ministries of our CABSA Representatives would be further strengthened.
The whole training was a blessing as we had quite a mixture of people coming from different countries and backgrounds and we all learned so much from each other. Logy Murray was the Lead trainer and was assisted by Tunde Fowe, Danford Mwabe, Minenhle Moyo, Lundi Joko and Maureen Kabey.  The training team was really great and they complemented and supported one another so well.
It was really an honor to be around such great people who are passionate about what they do, their dedication and commitment was clearly visible for all to see.
I want to take this opportunity to thank CABSA and WORLD VISION for a training well run and conducted.
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