CABSA Facilitators Training held at Berachah Retreat, Malmesbury, Western Cape, 18-24 October 2010

Malmesury October 2010

Held in a beautiful and peaceful Lodge, the CABSA training in November was graced by people from a number of different countries - Nigeria, Zimbabwe, Kenya, Lesotho and some provinces of South Africa. It was worth noting that a few had tried to attend earlier trainings but could not due to delays with the necessary travel documents.
This group was made up of lively individuals who despite their backgrounds and languages, managed to make that week of training a worthwhile one. As the training team, led by Ian, we continuously appreciated the way the trainees were responsible in assisting some of those who had challenges with catching up with the 'packed' information they had to take in in that week. The group was also kept alive and jovial by other individuals who made the whole group laugh and enjoy light moments during the week in training - despite having to prepare for assessments and facilitation sessions.

In a nutshell, the week in training was a great and fulfilling one, unique as every training is unique, and also filled with Gods Presence. That makes the difference because one is able to see where more attention is needed and be able to be of use there. On another note, some of us who do not live in the Western Cape, we were very pleased to experience 4 seasons (weather) in one day! Wow, that was indeed an amazing experience.
Report by: Minenhle Moyo


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