CABSA Facilitators Training held at Mazenod Retreat Centre, Germiston, 15-22 June 2011

Running a training in June in Johannesburg is a very scary thought, especially if you will be a part of that training, but we were kept warm by so many aspects according to my view, and I will share that briefly below.
I am always of the view and understanding that every training, no matter how identical the material and content may be, is very different. This is because the people who attend training are all very different, same as the training team, and this is the beauty of coming together in such a way – we all get to see and take part in God’s beautiful plan of spicing and lighting the world and our lives with all different characters and personalities. But better still, we get to take part in the beautiful ‘thing’ God is doing and fashioning in individuals and the group in that particular event through His presence.
Now in this training, under the inspiring leadership of Kiarie Mwenda, we had a wonderful experience of being all together, in an adventurous journey of our lives at the mercy of the King of Kings. I am sure all present at this training will testify to this. Right from the staff at Mazenod, who were more than willing to make us comfortable in the winter, and stretched themselves so that we could devote fully to what we were there for, to the meals that warmed us up. At the training itself, there was such a beautiful united spirit of worship among us all. Any excuse was made just to sing before sessions, even at the dining room! Participants were amazing and kept the team on their toes. 
God amazed us as He individually touched and ministered to His people, all of us I believe have a story to tell of how He spoke to us. Many tears were shared, some in awe of God, and others were a result of the work and ‘operations’ that were happening deep in the hearts of individuals.
There was clear presence of the wealth of information and knowledge in the group, which was shared broadly, and the presence of the elderly was a pure blessing that we drank from. Often we laughed at the stories and remarks they made and we held fast to the wisdom they shared. As the training team, we were challenged when one of the fathers present was visited by his children on Father’s Day to bless and appreciate him, some having come from far, just to spend a few minutes appreciating their dad. Now that says a lot!
Friendships were made, knowledge was shared, but above it all was the blessing of being on a journey together, inspired by God himself, bringing us together so that after that we can go out and explode the love, hope and light He has given to us in our homes, communities and churches. Now that’s something to definitely keep us warm! This training was special and amazing.
By Minenhle M Moyo


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