CABSA & TEARFUND Portuguese TTF, Orchards, 3-9 May 2010

During the week 3 rd of May to 9th of May, 12 Mozambican and 12 Angolan Tearfund partners were gathered during the CABSA “Channels of Hope” training at Orchard centre in Johannesburg.

The week was full of challenging activities as usual; the temperature of the group and the eager ness to participate was felt already the first day when the Agree and disagree activity took place. The highly confidential questionnaire created a very open an honest conversation over difficulties in life, cultural expectations on men and women but also the understanding that we are human beings with our faults and mistakes and if it was not for the grace of God we would not have been saved. The following days devotion on love came very timely and gave the group opportunities for prayer and reflection on my role and responsibility in a broken community and broken body of Christ.

Many were eager to learn more about the biological side of HIV and “more than the basics” noticed in the willingness to stay for 15 minutes extra over lunch to review before exams.

The deep biblical understanding among participants (many were bible school teachers or pastors) were experienced when we discussed the “though stuff” and the “guiding principles”.

The last day included Church mobilisation strategies and action planning. Personal plans as well as church and individual plans were written and we all could subscribe to the statement “A vision without action remains only a dream, an action without a vision is just a fight, a vision together with action offers hope to the world”. 

We so much enjoyed being together that it felt very empty travelling home. Even in the car to the airport the driver got an opportunity to hear the beautiful voices singing the song that had been the chorus through out the week  “Blessings, over blessings, living every day with the Lord, my brother you are a blessing to me, what would I have been if you were not here, take my hand, feel my heart beat, my brother you are true blessing for me”.
Carina Winberg on behalf of all tearfund partners grateful for having the opportunity to again participate in the CABSA Channels of Hope.
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