A Call to Act: Engaging Religious Leaders and Communities on Addressing Gender-Based Violence and HIV. 08/2009

A Call to Act: Engaging Religious Leaders and Communities on Addressing Gender-Based Violence and HIV was co-produced by USAIDS and Religions for Peace

"Religious leaders possess an ordained role of leadership in their institutions and communities, serving as role models of care and compassion. As religions around the world speak to the inherent sacredness of human life, religious leaders and their communities have the moral authority to raise awareness about GBV and a moral responsibility to prevent violence, provide support and care, and strive to transform societal or religious norms or practices that perpetuate such violence and vulnerability to HIV. While leaders can call upon these communities to assist women who are facing GBV and at risk for HIV, they also can offer support, counseling, and guidance to those who perpetrate violence as the voice of accountability in communities. Leaders also can take advantage of faith networks and work across faiths to remind communities that GBV violates dignity and human rights and that their faiths call upon them to be merciful, caring, and loving toward all."

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