Call to Action: Make your voice heard by Obama: March to the US consulate on June 17th to save lives!

Dear Colleagues

This is a call for the NGO Sector to support this campaign led by the TAC and endorsed by numerous organisations.  
We are asking you to do 2 things:
Read the attached letter outlining the campaign and what we are calling for, and then endorse it. Send to as many orgnisations and networks to endorse and support. Sign the letter and send it to Catherine Tomlinson at the Treatment Action Campaign (contact details below).
2.       JOIN THE MARCH:
On 17 June we will be marching to the US Consulate in Johannesburg to make United States President Barack Obama aware of the deaths that will result from his anti-treatment policies. We will hand over a Memorandum to senior US government officials including Deputy President Joe Biden who is visiting for the World Cup. We call on the NGO Sector to mobilise and support the march, send this call far and wide within your networks.

If you would like to know more about the march, please contact  Catherine Tomlinson at the Treatment Action Campaign email  or call (0) 21 422 1700 .

 We are calling on President Barack Obama:

  to reverse the funding cuts for HIV and to ensure that PEPFAR continues to expand funding to meet universal access targets.

We are calling on the United States and Europe:

  to replenish the Global Fund on AIDS TB and Malaria (GFATM) to meet universal access. The Global Fund has indicated that it must raise between $17 and $20 billion for its upcoming round to continue to expand its programmes. nbsp; The United States and Europe must publicly guarantee that this funding is made available to meet the expectations that they themselves have created by their commitments to universal access.

We are calling on President Zuma and Health Minister Motsoaledi:

;  to represent the needs of Africa during this year’s global forums on the MDGs. < To lead developing countries in echoing our calls for expanded and sustainable funding for HIV.


TAC has mobilised branches and members to attend the march on 17 June. The expected figures include 1500 people from Gauteng, 800 people from Mpumalanga , 600 people from Limpopo and 65 people from the Free State.

By the end of today Phillip will email all partners pick up points in each province.


TAC has sent out the letters to Obama, Biden and Zuma to all media. TAC has also sent out a press statement announcing the march and with background of the march.

MSF has also published information on the M&G thought leader blog and is preparing an editorial to be published next week. Have other partners sent out statements?

TAC Ekurhuleni has secured a spot on KhaziFM to mobilize communities in Ekurhuleni to join the march. Are other districts raising awareness about the march?

The street posters advertising the march will go up on Monday.

On Monday morning, TAC and partners will send out a press statement on the march as well as march and press conference details. All partners should send this off on their media lists.

On Tuesday the press conference will be held at the COSATU offices in Johannesburg. There will be a TAC, MSF and COSATU speaker.

What else can we do? Will work on a facebook page over the weekend. Any ideas from partners?


The posters, pamphlets, t-shirts and banner will be delivered to the TAC office on Monday. MSF will be bringing 20 000 kites and XX paper shoes.

March permission and memorandum:

We have received permission to hold the march and will be gathering in George Lea Park at 10:00 am.

The US ambassador has responded to our letters. (will forward response to partners). TAC is trying to organize to meet with representatives of the US Embassy over the weekend to organize who will accept the memorandum.

Please see attached posters for the resources for health march on the 17th June, please all offices print and put them up in the office. Also attached are details of pick up points in Gauteng.


More details to be sent.

We call on you to join the march. AIDS is not over. Be seen. Be heard by the world while they are watching the World Cup played in our country.

Thank you


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