Capacity Building Workshop for CABSA Representatives, Zikomo, Strand, 14-16 May 2010

On the 14-16 May 2010 CABSA held its annual Capacity building workshop and it was really an honor to once again see all the CABSA Representatives together again.

The venue was Zikomo, Strand in the Western Cape, most of us love this place as it is by the sea side and the venue itself has the family feeling to it, the environment is warm and it seems like some of the Reps also love this place. With a bit of rain on Friday it was a blessing to kick off our gathering.

 This year the workshop coincided with International AIDS Candlelight Memorial day and it was indeed a blessing to have everyone to celebrate this special event together. The workshop itself doesn’t necessarily have a theme but what stood out this weekend was that we chose a topic that said “GROW or BLOOM WHERE YOU ARE PLANTED”. The group was challenged by this theme as it made us also think about where we are and what is our roles and commitment as CABSA Representatives and how it affects our relationships with our facilitators.


The weekend also saw us celebrating our achievements and what God has blessed us with in our personal lives and also our work within our institutions, churches and organizations. It was a blessing to hear about all these successes and to praise God for it.

The group also had fun in the program, it was not only the serious stuff, so Saturday evening saw us playing a board game called 30seconds, it was fun and entertaining to see everyone out of their comfort zone and just enjoying the fellowship with one another.

It was a fruitful weekend and everyone was once again challenged to go back to their provinces and countries to inspire and support facilitators to continue being a channel of hope.

By Jerry Sesoko


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