CARIS 5th Birthday

Thank you so much for this wonderful newsletter, and for the support you render through CARIS' resources.
Can you please send me the resource pack for HIV trainings.
The demand is huge in our area for such information.
Warm Regards,
Anna Mashilo

I want to congratulate you and your amazing team for the last five years. You did well and served the Body of Christ in a great way. Hands wishes you and all the staff a great next five years as you continue to serve in the same manner!!
George Snyman
Hands at Work in Africa

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!! And congratulations on such an exciting first 5 years!
May God equip and guide you for the next 5!
Best wishes
Janine Ward
ttt4c Coordinator

I cannot believe that the CARIS I have seen is just 5 years old! What I saw there spoke of a work of many many years. Indeed, the Lord has used you mightily and accelerated your work and every desire. Congratulations CARIS,
There's interesting resources you have put up on the web thanks Lyn and Nonceba.
Minenhle Moyo
Christian AIDS Taskforce
Gender Project

Thanks a million.
Emma Mahlalela
Nkomazi Municipality

Thank you for this newsletter and allow to add my voice to the others and say HAPPY BIRTHDAY CABSA. It's a godly thing to count ones blessings and thank God for what He has done. I enjoyed reading your personal experience and testimony in work and learning. I guess I am following in your footsteps in many ways, so you are an encouragement that "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me"


The conference on mobilizing religious health assets sounds a great one, though I am hearing about it a bit late. Still reading the news letter, will write again later

Happy birthday and may my God bless Caris a lot, five years is not a little and i hope caris will be more for the next year. I bless caris a lot.
Dr Sylvie Kinkela

Congratulations Lyn. You are so with it for a person with no former knowledge of knowledge management and it shows in your programme!! Everything is possible with God.
>Naume Kupe
AIDSPortal Facilitator, Southern Africa

Congrats on you and CARIS for reaching 5 years,
Well done to you and your small team in keeping the goal alive and spreading the message of love and peace and communication.
All I can say is thanks for the inspiration and leadership.
May you and the CARIS / CABSA Family be blessed .
Anthony Ambrose
Advocacy Manager
World Vision

I did receive your Birthday letter. Congratulations on CABSA's 5th birthday. You have indeed come a long way, and God has blessed you personally and CABSA generally with many wonderful gifts and blessings. You are making a difference. And you try to do what you do in excellence. Have a joyful celebration and trust God to heap more blessings on your undertakings. My prayer is with you.
Shalom and stay blessed
Sr Claudia o.p.
Catholic AIDS JHB

Belated happy birth day CARIS! May the lord grow and prosper the work for his own glory.
Lloyd Khanyanga
Family Life And Aids Education Ministry(FLAEM)


I cannot but help thanking our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ for the work you and the organisation are doing in this very dark and difficult time we live in, especially with Christians and churches in highlighting the stigma attached to HIV and AIDS.

You and your team have made a profound impression on me during the conference in Durban, with the presentations and your stall which I visited daily. Your news letter is also very inspiring as well the messages I regularly receive. I forward them to all staff through the relevant channels in the Department of Labour in the Northern Cape where I work.

I am pleased to be on your mailing list and grateful to also have a small opportunity to pray and support your work. It is pleasing to read how you all started, and your sentiments about yourself, you definitely are the right person for the job you do now, also your personality, passion love and care you displayed, I must add that your presentation on the first day was excellent – when  you spoke at the end of the plenary session. I must end by stating that I am the gentleman whom you kept the two books for until the end of the conference. I use them regularly since; and quoted from them during our Aids awareness session in my Department last week. Finally, congratulations on the five year anniversary, may our Lord Jesus continue to bless you and increase your ministry through the work you do.

A.K. Pillay

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