CCoH Training Abundant Life Lodge, Kabulonga, Zambia – Apr 2015

From 29th April to 6th May 2015, CABSA together with EMPACT Africa facilitated a Churches Channels of Hope Facilitator’s Training Program at Abundant Life Lodge, Kabulonga, Lusaka, Zambia.

The purpose of this program is to equip participants with the appropriate attitudes, knowledge and skills to be channels of hope and to assist faith communities in their journeys towards HIV competence. The Churches, Channels of Hope programme also offers tools to help churches and communities respond to the needs created by HIV and AIDS.

There were twenty one participants on this training course, who came from Zambia and Zimbabwe. Ten females and eleven males. There was a healthy blend of participants across denominational lines. This affected the group dynamics positively and also engendered respect for each other’s views.  Most participants are either pastors or Church leaders of the Presbyterian Church or the Roman Catholic Church from Zambia and Zimbabwe so expectedly there were strong and extensive views expressed on moral/religious issues especially at the beginning.  This made for interesting debate and an opportunity to learn from each other’s views.

Regarding the content of the training, participants had the following to say:  Good content and good stewards of time”, “The information gave us a lot of extras on what we knew. Practical, close to real life situations”, “The content was complete – go make me do the work.”

One of the highlights for the participants were how statistics were brought to reality from mere figures and numbers:  “Bringing the statistics closer to home.  Umm it really touched my heart, made all clear to me that I have work to do back home.  My heart is burning right now to deliver.”

Participants were confident that they would be able to use the knowledge, skills and awareness that they have gained in their communities which indicates that the training achieved the outcomes of strengthening skills, knowledge and attitudes of HIV and AIDS.

This successful training programme was facilitated by a team of six trainers under the skillful leadership of Tunde Fowe from Nigeria. We are grateful for their hard work and sacrifice during this week.

We wish all participants well with their future endeavours as they respond as Channels of Hope to the stigma of HIV within their different countries, and communities.


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