CCoH Training at Musangano Lodge, Mutare Zimbabwe. June 2010

On invitation and initiative of the Family AIDS Caring Trust (FACT), CABSA was privileged to present the Churches, Channels of Hope facilitator training from the 21st to the 27th of June 2010 to 24 facilitator-trainees. These participants were mainly Church pastors or leaders and FACT staff from and around the city Mutare in Zimbabwe.

It was a first for CABSA to be present in Mutare and we are very excited about the prospect of 24 newly trained facilitators and potential channels of hope in this part of Zimbabwe. With this training the total number of trained facilitators in Zimbabwe has grown to 65!

Here are just some of the comments participants made during the course of the week:
Ø     The Biblical reference made from the Bible in relation to HIV & AIDS.
Ø     Changed my perception of things gave me an inspiration to work for the Lord.
Ø     Subconsciously I have been putting other people in circles and being judgemental. This session has helped me see the “not so good” side of me.
Ø     As a Christian I am compelled to share the love of God through Christ and as Christ died for us.
Ø     There is need for me as an individual to have a self introspection & see how best I can be of great value to the community.
Ø     It has revealed to me that the church, in itself is not without blemish, should not be at the centre of judging people. It’s not important how we get HIV – the Church must simply respond.
Ø     As Christians we stigmatise the rest of communities yet amongst ourselves we are also doing wrong things.
Ø     The word of God and all the facilitators are in deed experienced and facilitate very well, please keep it up. You are a good team.
Ø     Learn to accept conditions of those living with HIV and avoid stigmatising them and start loving them – guide by the Bible and verses.

The following comments were recorded in the formal evaluation of the training:

o      CABSA have updated information on HIV & AIDS.
o      Very relevant and informative.
o      Very informative and a practical approach was conductive for replication.
o      It was an eye opener and very challenging.
o      The information / content was super.
o      Excellent.
o      As far as I know the best of the best.
o      It was very enriching, well simplified.
o      I am challenged with the information I received and will be fully equipped too humbling to say the least.
o      Yes, I can see that we have been equipped with all the information and tools.
o      This is the best HIV and Aids training I have attended so far.
o      Provision of starter packs and training manuals. Have some where to start.
o      Many are times we attend training without such materials, information, but with this, we have somewhere to start, be it ideas, tools, information.

The training team was led by Tunde Fowe, who travelled all the way from Nigeria to lead this training. He was supported by Vhumani Magezi and Minenhle Moyo, facilitators from Zimbabwe and also by Jerry Sesoko from the CABSA office and Anna Kaura from Mpumalanga, South Africa. A special thank you to the team for their availability on such short notice, specifically also to Tunde for leading the team and to Vhumani who recommended and arranged the training on behalf of FACT.

In conclusion Tunde had the following to say: “The cordial atmosphere at the training was a huge asset that made learning (even the “technical” bit) simple and easy-to-grasp such that when “judgement day” eventually arrived, no one was scared. It was an enormous privilege to serve along with other team members during this training to serve 24 potential world-changers.”


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