The Center for the Church and Global AIDS

The Center for the Church and Global AIDS supports and advocates for persons infected and affected by HIV and AIDS throughout the world through programs of education, prevention, care, and treatment.   Inclusive of all persons, we work to end stigma and discrimination in every form.  

Besides programs aimed at educating laity and pastors about the global pandemic, the Center also supports various direct programs that provide assistance to persons living with HIV and AIDS in Africa, Asia, and Latin America.   Located in Colorado, the Center also partners with Latino, African-American, and Native American AIDS organizations in the region.  

The Executive Director, Dr. Donald E. Messer, is the author of 15 books, including "Breaking the Conspiracy of Silence:  Christian Churches and the Global AIDS Crisis" (2004), 52 Ways to Create an AIDS-Free World" (2009), and "Names, Not Just Numbers:  Facing Global AIDS and World Hunger" (2010).

CABSA and the Center for the Church and Global AIDS seek to partner in ways to bring Christ's inclusive love to all persons.

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