Channel of Hope Responds to Minister for Special Programmes in Kenya. 8/2/2011

Late in January 2011, Kenyan Minister for Special Programmes caused otrage when she said:

"In Cuba, when President [Fidel] Castro was still very strong, anybody who was tested with HIV and AIDS was actually locked somewhere and once you went in, you did not come ou,".  Esther Murugi, minister for special programmes, added at a meeting with members of parliament on HIV/AIDS. "I don't know whether we should be that drastic or what we should do. But sometimes I think, maybe that is what we should do so that those who are ill are locked in."

Many of us were upse about this, but a World Vision trained "Channel of Hope" did not ony complain to friends, he was an advocate for those who do not have a voice, by writing to his local press. Abdulrahman Khatete was trained as facilitator in World Vision's combined Christian Muslim CoH training.

Thank you for being a Channel of Hope!

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