Channels of Hope Study Summary Report. 4/09

Published by World Vision April 2009

Study Purpose : To identify the strengths and weaknesses of CoH within different contexts in Africa in order to inform and guide WV’s future CoH programs to mobilize and strengthen faith-led, community based and child focused responses to HIV and AIDS across Africa.

Study Objectives :

1. To document the ways that the CoH process has been operationalized in various contexts and its role and performance in mobilizing faith communities in responding to HIV&AIDS.

2. To analyze findings of qualitative outcomes of CoH in various contexts (cultural, urban/rural, different congregations) and the influence CoH has had on enhanced integrated ministry focus of WV Africa.

3. To produce a set of recommendations for WV’s future CoH programming.

4. To use findings to change policy and practice in faith organizations and partners of such.

-Executive summary
-CoH Rollout
-Community-Level Mobilization and Implementation
-Inputs to the Channels of Hope Program
-Impact of Channels of Hope
-Theological Change
-The Channels of Hope Curriculum


You can find this summary attached below (85pg)

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