Christian AIDS Taskforce @ CARIS.07/09



Greeting in the wonderful name of our Lord.

My visit to CARIS South Africa was very short yet fruitful I learnt a lot and was encouraged in what I was doing. It was a learning and refreshing curve for me. I learnt some new things and reminded on what I knew. 

Lessons Learnt.

·        Monitoring and evaluating. I realized that the log sheet was a good way of monitoring and evaluating. The way my log sheet is designed, it’s effective on statics and aspects like client expectations are left out. I had numbers but did know how many found the information they were looking for and vice versa.
·        Downloading information from the net. I realized that you have to buy appropriate gestates i.e. when buying I have to consider what it will used for and if it will be effective etc. It will be a bit slow using dial up.
·        The importance of a collection policy: It helps you to realize what is good to have and the must have material.
·        The importance of involving local partners by these I mean companies/ people who have services or things that I need e.g. printing, photocopying, etc these can be asked to donate their services or what they have.
·        A Resource Room Advisory Committee representing the users of the Resource Centre as well as representatives of the organization it is linked to. To help ensure that the Centre meets the needs of its users.
·        As the Resource Centre we must have a mission and a vision not necessarily the CAT one. It does not mean that we are now independent of the mother body. The vision and mission guides us as a centre.
·        CARIS has a good classification scheme which is user friendly. Lyn said she doesn’t mind us adapting it.

Other Business

·        To help me she also printed out a manual on Planning and Managing a HIV and AIDS Resource Centre in Faith based Settings. The points I highlighted are explained in depth in the manual which I find user friendly as well.
·        Being in CARIS as the Resource Room Officer I managed to get some book from Lyn. She allowed me to go through some of her material and choose the ones I would like. She downloaded about 100 books for me on CD.
·        She also ordered some material over the net which will be sent to CARIS and we will collect from her.

She was a great help and inspiration to me.


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