Churches, Channel of Hope in Cameroon. May 2010

CABSA has been in contanct with the Council of Heirs International (CHI) in Cameroon for some time.  In August 2009 Tunde Fowe from Nigeria represented CABSA at the International Conference on Missions in Cameroon.

In February 2010 two members of the organisation attended the Churches Channels of Hope Facilitator's Training in Gauteng. 

Pastor Bernard Messing reports as follows:

Because of what you invested in us (my wife and Seraphine) our HIV/AIDS work in church here in Cameroon has taking another relevant dimensions.

We have been organising many awareness seminar in many different denominational churches for church members and leaders in different cities in Cameroon.

Next Saturday, we are expected in Douala the largest city in Cameroon.  Not less than 100 participants will attend our seminar.  God is using our efforts as an eyes opener to multitude within the church.

The truth is that their expectations are higher than what our young organisation can do. Right now in almost all the seminars we have organised participants are asking us to do voluntary tsts.

All the photos sent to you came from our most recent awareness seminar."


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