Churches, Channels of Hope, Training of Facilitators, Mazenod, 2-8 March 2009


General Feedback
- It added another dimension to the HIV response – the Christian principles linked to the facts.
- I have knowledge on things,  that I didn’t know. And also more understanding on the teaching during training.
- Since it was my first time receiving a formal info on HIV this has come to be a great eye opening time.
- Excellent especially the way the manual is designed.
- This was one powerful training I have ever been to, very informative and empowering.
- Content in sessions was very relevant and up to date. I appreciated the more detailed information found in the manual as well.
- It is good. It just can’t be excellent because there’s always new things coming out. So it’s next to excellent. Good work, carry on updating us.
- Could have been a little shorter.
- The content of the training was excellent.
- It’s a full package.
- The training was perfect – it looked to all the aspects. It was not focusing on 1 thing – which is great.
- Training team have all done very well.
- All the facilitators were very good.
- Training team are all good, good confident.
- The training Team were perfect.
All the trainers are good with different skills and approach.

Highlights of this training included:

- Devotions and Applications of the Christian principles in the debates.
- Christian/Church involvement in issues of HIV/AIDS and how the Christian community can deal with stigma and discrimination in our various contexts.
- More knowledge has really been added to me and more understand of what I suppose to do as a body of Christ to those that have became action of soul.
- Our role as Christian in respond to HIV in our time.
- The tough stuff. The question that are usually difficult! I think I can comfortable handle these now even facilitate a discussion on them with ease.
- Christian principles (guiding principles)
- The information on how you get infected and the whole session on treatment and also on stigma in fact all the session were great.
- The last 2 days – issues like Gender, contextual drivers and worldview made for great discussions.
- The lawful / unlawful, safe/unsafe sex perspective
- Lesson on how HIV operates on human cells. This was great.
- It really prepared in Christian concept but all so is applicable in community response.
- The Gideon’s Video.
- That we are the ambassadors – people has to see Christ in us. Just the experiences of others.
- Meeting people from all the areas of Africa and realizing that together we can make a huge difference using all we have received.
- Group discussions and content.
- The guiding principles.


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