Churches, Channels of Hope workshop Hope Centre 30 October 2010

This was the last training for the second group that we trained this year. The group started with 19 participants but sixteen attended till the last day. The program went on as planned, where we started with the registration and breakfast. Our participants come from various villages around Kwamhlanga and they come in public transport, which means they leave their homes very early without breakfast. There was excitement in the atmosphere as the participants reminded one another of their journey in this workshop, and the knowledge they have gained this far.

 The program started at 9h00 and continued until 14h00, and we broke for lunch. After lunch we conducted the closing ceremony and issued their certificates. My heart was once again warmed by some of the participants who were motivated to start responding to HIV and AIDS in their churches. We are working on following up with each one of them about their involvement inresponding to HIV in their churches and communities. 

Report by: Anna Kaura

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