Civil Society Consensus Statement. 10/10

A ten point agenda for saving and bettering lives

October 2010
Meeting the challenges of HIV treatment and prevention through independent mobilisation and work through the SA national aids council (SANAC)

CABSA decided to endorse the Consensus Statement sent to government and SANAC.  The finalised document as it was sent is attached. The statement was also endorsed at the COSATU-civil society conference. By mid November 2010 65 organisations indicated their support.

The Deputy President, Minister of Health and CEO of SANAC are all aware of this statement.  Minister Motsoaledi has read the statement, and SANAC Deputy President Mark Heywood handed it directly to Deputy President Motlanthe.

See the document attached below

The document articulates the concerns of civil society about the challenges around HIV and TB prevention, and the malfunctioning of the SANAC Secretariat. The document makes recommendations as well as outlines demands for SANAC to play its role in co-ordinating and supporting   sectors.

The demands are:

1.    We Demand Sustained Political Leadership and Engagement from the Highest Level of Government on an effective and efficient HIV response!

2.     We Demand a Unified Communications Strategy on HIV and TB Prevention!

3.    We Support the HIV Counselling and Testing (HCT) campaign – but implementation must be drastically improved!

4.    We Demand the integration of Community Health Care Workers (CCWs) into the health system!

5.    We Demand a Human Resources for Health plan by March 2011!

6.    We demand expanded access to improved ART regimens, better HIV and TB drug regimens & TB Integration!

7.    We Demand a Plan for Sustainable National and International Financing of the HIV and TB Response!

8.    We demand Social Assistance for people who are chronically ill!

9.    We demand that SANAC be revived as an effective and accountable institution driven by civil society priorities!

10.    Build independent, effective, accountable Civil Society organisations!

Please circulate and discuss the document in your organizations and networks, and forward your input and endorsements to Kate Paterson []


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