Codes of Good Practice for South African Non-profit Organisations (NPOs)

The Code of Good Practice is comprehensive, but it does not provide detailed standards of conduct. Office bearers of nonprofit organisations are responsible for the effective and efficient management and administration of their organisations, and also the maintenance of discipline according to their constitutions. Recognising that these codes will be used by a wide variety of nonprofit organisations, operating under many different circumstances, the text is broad ranging and in a style that makes the code understandable and useable.

The Department of Social Development has developed these codes in keeping with the
requirements of the Nonprofit Organisations Act of 1997, in consultation with a representative number of nonprofit organisations throughout South Africa. These codes are the result of a shared vision for what constitutes good practice in leading and managing nonprofit organisations of all sizes across all interest sectors, with a particular focus on governance, administration, fundraising and the donor community

Download this document here (319.25KB, 52pg)

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