In the Distance

by Prudence Mulenga
I can see a flicker of light,
In the distance.
Hope for the future is prevailing
Through the capable hands of
home based care.
I call them my parents,
Because they care for me.
Yes, even in distress
One can easily find love and care.
In the distance,
I always hear the soft voice
Of someone who cares and loves me.
Yes, there is always someone to
provide for me,
In the distance.
How do you feel when you part with
Just a little of your time
To feed the mouth of an orphan -
Whose daily expectations
Rest on other people's plans?
Yes, you feel that delight,
That wondrous joy
Often experience by carers
Of home based care.
We don't live with them,
But we sill know
There is someone who cares,
In the distance.
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