A Facilitator's Change of Attitude

 Written by Nonceba Ravuku, training team member.

I have been to the CCoH trainings many times and had contact with many potential facilitators from different backgrounds and yes different denominations. A lot of them are skeptical or rather staunch in their beliefs.

I met one facilitator who is a pastor and a respected community leader in one of the trainings, who was quiet rigid in his opinions and understandings of sexual behaviors, he never wanted to admit that there are Christians who have certain interests when it comes to sexual activities and he never even believed that Christians discussed anything related to sex. I was also not surprised when he didn’t want to participate in any activities or discussions on sex or sexual behaviors.

I was always worried about how will he be able to facilitate workshops in his church or community especially because he was keen to go back to his community and start running workshops.

I thanked God when he was interested to attend the CCoH Express training. I was eagerly and impatiently waiting to see if there was any change of attitude from the previous training. During some of the activities I started noticing that there was a big change. I noticed how he challenged specifically members of another church who were from his community, I noticed how he was participating more in group discussions and how asked more questions. Not only was he participating in small groups but he was also making valid input during big group discussions and asking relevant questions. 

When I had an opportunity to speak to him one on one he shared that his spirit was challenged when he got home and he had to have a change in his attitude. He said he needed more exposure and that he is going to be more involved. 

My spirit is happy.

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