Faith Untapped. Why Churches can Play a Crucial Role in Tackling HIV and AIDS in Africa. 2006

 Published byTearfund 2006

This report highlights 3 key points about the impact of HIV and AIDS on the worst-affected continent, Africa:

1. Churches in Africa are a hidden and powerful force in tackling the HIV and AIDS crisis. They need international recognition, support and funding.

2. Many churches contribute to the HIV and AIDS crisis through stigma and discrimination. Action is needed to overcome this.

3. One of the single most effective areas into which churches could expand their HIV and AIDS work is preventing the virus being passed from mothers to children.

-Executive summary
-Section 1: the HIV and AIDS crisis
-Section 2: the untold story of the churches
-Section 3: case studies of the church in action
-Section 4: why funding is missing its target
-Section 5: why donors ignore churches
-Section 6: churches’ untapped potential
-Section 7: challenges for churches

Download this document here (PDF, 648.47 KB, 35 pg)

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