Feedback on Churches, Channels of Hope Facilitator Training

Read a few short response of participants in the Churches Channels of Hope Facilitators Training.  More comprehensive feedback from a few facilitators is available below:

In October 2012 I took the CABSA "Churches, Channels of Hope" Facilitators Training course, which ended up exceeding my expectations. Seven years ago I'd taken my first (basic) HIV training, but I quickly realized HIV education is a field which has changed much in the past years. Thankfully, CABSA has kept their material up-to-date and extremely relative. The trainers gave excellent feedback during our facilitation training sessions and created a safe environment where we could learn and ask questions. We were pushed out of our comfort zones some days and had our world-views challenged on others. The CCOH is a comprehensive course that I highly recommend to anyone. Thank you, CABSA!
Heather L.
USA/South Africa

It is 14 months now since I was trained as a facilitator. I am using channels of Hope Facilitator’s manual of which you and Logy Murray are authors. I have been involved in HIV and AIDS trainings, counseling, advocacy and Home based care programs since the year 2000, but I should confess that this particular manual that you compiled has both challenged me to give myself more to HIV and AIDS programs as well as making me a better and effective facilitator.
The presentation compiled in this manual is excellent.
Allow me to say, “THANK YOU FOR THE JOB WELL DONE” God bless you and your family.
Our news letter has stories on how Bishops, pastors and many other Christians and the rest have been transformed by our teaching we present in the HIV and AIDS workshops. Many churches are now involved in advocacy, care and support of the OVC’s.
Pastor Patrick Siabuta
Western Kenya
The workshops processes themselves are always very dramatic. They are usually begun with very stigmatize and discriminative situation, shown by the pretest, hypothetical scenario and agree or disagree session, but changed drastically after 3 situations, stigma and story from PLWH session, shown by the post test. I think this is one of the best workshop model that not only reaches participant's cognitive but also touches the deepest part of their heart to understand what other people really feel in their utmost sorrow and give response in more positive way.
Candra Wijaya
World Vision Indonesia
It was a fruitfull and informative workshop which is very much instrumental in encouraging one to take action against this pandemic . I am ready for action and thanks for your encouragement that I should attend the course . The training was professionally run, accommodation & hospitality superb and the facilitators knew axactly what they were doing .
Patrick Manzini
South Africa Jul 2008 
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