Healthcare Funding Debate and the Global Financial Crisis

Lyn’s Comment: There seems to be fashions in HIV reporting and debate as in everything else. The same topics seem to surface, are hotly debated for a while and then interest wanes, only to pop up again after a while.

One of these ‘perpetual topics’ has to do with the funding of healthcare. The question is asked if disease specific funding, such as funding for HIV, strengthens the health systems of the country or in facts harms the system.

Many arguments are presented from both sides. For many of us involved in HIV work every day, this argument seems nonsensical. HIV, especially in Africa, is an extraordinary condition, and requires extraordinary responses. 

At the same time. we are all aware of the global financial crisis. For many of us in Africa, the idea of governments 'bailing out' large banks seem very far away. However, the reality of mines closing shafts and local businesses closing down is coming much closer. What effect will this have on NGOs? How do we need to think and plan for financial constraints?What is the effect of the financial crisis on people living with HIV?

 We would also like to encourage you to share your experience with SANGONeT, so that this difficult period and its issues can be 'researched, analysed and discussed'.

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