HIV and AIDS Training for Youth for Christ staff and Church Youth Leaders 17-19 November 2009

The following are the pictures of the Training Workshop organised and sponsored by Youth for Christ North West for the North Staff both Mafikeng and Rustenburg, Young leaders from local churches in Mafikeng and Rustenburg.

The workshop was scheduled for 17-19 November and the facilitators were Maud Ravuku and Moatlhudi Mogwera.

The training workshop was held at Rustenburg Cultural Centre.

YfC NW staff who attended the training are themselves facilitators of life skills and peer education in school and out of school work that targets young people. This training was evaluated very positively by both YfC staff and church youth leaders.

Nonceba’s Feedback:

My day with this group of precious passionate young people started very slowly because I just came back from training in Kitwe, Zambia. As the day went by and seeing the enthusiasm and passion from this group I was fired up to continue with more energy, I guess that’s the wonders of God.

The workshop included 27 youth leaders from Youth for Christ staff and different Faith Based Organisations from Mafikeng and Rustenburg.

This workshop aimed at mobilising the Youth Leaders from different faith communities and organisations to respond more effectively to HIV and AIDS from a perspective that is, over and above existing interventions based on modern science, ethically and theologically sound.

 The following themes were covered:
* HIV and AIDS and Me
* HIV and AIDS, More than basics
* HIV and AIDS, Living with HIV and AIDS
* HIV and AIDS, a Christian Response (Tough Stuff, Prevention Strategies, Stigma)
* HIV and AIDS, Churches, Channels of Hope
* HIV and AIDS Community Response 

What happened during session…

During the different sessions there was enthusiasm in terms of questions asked and the shared experiences from different church’s perspective and personal experiences. There was very little time for sessions on Gender, Stigma and Living Positively. The reason was that almost the whole group had firsthand experiences on HIV and the challenges it brings with it.

A lot of young people shared how they were affected by each experience, especially gender and stigma. Coming from rural areas and where HIV is still seen as the consequences of sin and how women are degraded by men. I first saw this during the activity of drawing “How the community views male/female in our communities”, there was a lot of anger from the women’s side and I saw how they passionately and with expressed how they feel, the anger they hold inside. The men were not really serious with the activity even they ended up bringing out their point of view.

What was sad for me was to see how these young men already perceive themselves as the bad ones who can’t changed, who are created to be irresponsible; Moa and I had to guide the discussion in the direction of making both genders realise that they are uniquely created by God and that we have to come to a point where we both appreciate each other.

The results

I had different interesting conversations with most of leaders at this workshop; and confident that an impact has been made in their lives. They do not only want to make a difference in their churches or communities but also in their families. I appreciate the fact that they could easily plan what they were going to do when they get back to their communities and how they are going to do it.

A female participant whose younger cousin living with HIV said “Sisi now I know how to treat my cousin;  better than before I came here and he needs more love from us and care,  rather than us treating him like he’s different”

“I thank the Lord for this opportunity again to bless others but also to be blessed”

You can also read Moathludi's report attached below




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