HIV, Women and Motherhood.

The Strategies for Hope Trust would like to inform you about a new initiative in the world of audio communication. 

'HIV, Women and Motherhood' is a collection of 14 interviews which explore the many and complex issues in relation to motherhood facing women living with HIV.  All these interviews are now accessible - in audio form only - via the Strategies for Hope website .

Twelve of the interviews are with women from many different parts of the world who are either mothers or want to become mothers.  Each woman describes how she learned of her HIV-positive diagnosis and what she has done with her life since then.  Some of the experiences of these women were deeply traumatic and many have faced prejudice and stigma.  But each displays great courage, resilience and a desire to change the world. 

The other two interviewees are leading international advocates for women's rights: Mary Robinson (former President of Ireland) and Dr Musimbi Kanyoro (Director of the Packard Foundation's Population Programme). 

The 14 interviews were carried out by Alice Welbourn, author of 'Stepping Stones' and herself a mother living with HIV, together with radio producer Rosemary Hill.  They contain many important lessons for law makers and law enforcers, government policy makers, health practitioners, faith-based organisations, advocacy groups and service providers.  

The interviews are designed as a means of raising public and official awareness of the hugely important issues of HIV and motherhood.  When played to a group, time should be allowed to discuss the policy recommendations which they make, rather than limiting the discussion to personal details. 

Broadcast-quality recordings are available, on request, to radio stations.  Please contact the Series Editor, Strategies for Hope.  Comments on these recordings would be greatly appreciated.

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